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Formulated with 3lab’s patented age reversal ingredient, Nano-Claire GY™, this cream increases circulation and plumps skin around the delicate eye area, reducing fine lines and wrinkles at the cellular level. The full 15ml retails for $ 250.+. This is a 3ml tube, a $ 50.+ value ! ( Q.A.:3)

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Created in 3 separate laboratories by three separate chemists (actually 2 chemists and a
dermatologist), 3Lab is a new(ish) cosmetics line, that boasts dramatic results thanks to
years of research and data collection, as well as the researchers sixty years worth of
combined knowledge and experience.This no-nonsense skincare line consists of the
usual cleansers, toners and moisturizers as well as some specialized treatments for
everything from acne to anti-aging. Using only top-grade ingredients, each product is
scientifically tested - three times, to make sure that you are getting their very best.
3lab's " Perfect Cleansing Gel" which helps dissolve skin-hugging makeup without stripping skin of its natural oil. For all skin types.The full size retails for $45. This comes in a 10ml( .34oz) tube. ( Q.A.:2)

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EYE Care
3Lab's "Perfect Neck Cream" Disguising your décolletage with scarves and turtlenecks galore? Check your low neck-esteem at the door and slather on this science-minded, slackening-skin solution instead. The impressive ingredient list reads like a Chemistry textbook: the world’s first bio-engineered growth hormone, Nano-Claire GY; a sun-protecting deep-sea microorganism, Abyssine 657; a skin-slimming molecule to reduce the volume of your neck; and a glow-getting brightening agent, so your neckline is just as radiant as your face. A few days treating your turkey neck with this and you’ll be craving some new scoopneck silhouettes! The full 2 oz retails for $ 130. This is a 6ml ( .2oz) tube a $ 13. value ( Q.A:2)

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3Lab's "Perfect Sunblock SPF 55++"is formulated with four powerful sunblocks, this incredible formula protects against 99% of all UVA and UVB rays. In addition, acai, vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients supply incredible protection against age-accelerating free radicals and other environmental damage. Finally, adenosine repairs damage, reduces visible signs of aging and increases DNA and protein synthesis in dermal cells. Non-comedogenic, free of PABA, fragrances and oil, and suitable for use by all skin types on the face and body. The full size ( 100ml) retails for $ 45. This is a 10ml ( .33 oz) tube, a $4.50 value. ( Q.A.1)

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