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The LATEST in wrinkle fighting, aside from PREVENTION ,( stay out of the sun
or else use a HIGH number sunblock AND a brimmed hat !) (My motto:: if it's
daylight, i need a SUNSCREEN !) : Use moisturizers & treatments which
stimulate Collagen production and Prevent skin-cell breakdown. Retinoids have
been proven to increase collagen production. You need a skincare regime rich
in anti oxidants, to help neutralized free radicals!
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Kirkland Signature by Borghese's " Pure Moisturizing Cleanser" this Nature-inspired cleansing lotion removes all traces of makeup. Promotes moisture balance .Great non-abrasive cleanser delivers as effectively as any glycolic based product without over-drying your skin. No residue and is nearly fragrance free. Dermatologist tested . For all skin types . ( This product was not tested on animals). The full size 7 oz retails for $27.This comes in a 1 oz tube. ( Q.A.:1)

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Cleansers & Masks
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Borghese's " Crema Saponetta" Creme Cleanser A gentle, water-activated lathering cleanser that quickly dissolves surface debris and brings skin to a balanced state. Leaves skin feeling healthy, refreshed and renewed. Full size ( 6.7 oz) Retails $32.50 . This is a 1 oz tube. ( Q.A.:1)

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Borghese ( aka Princess Marcella Borghese)  has a wonderful
tradition and spa heritage. They are  the PREMIER cosmetic &
skincare line of Italy. Products originate from the Terme di
MontiCattini hot springs region of Northern Italy. Borghese
skincare respects the synergy between health and nature,
luxury and science.
Kirkland Signature by Borghese Skincare Products have been formulated with natural botanicals that
moisturize and soothe. Mineral-rich ingredients nourish every inch of your skin. Experience the KS
by Borghese Collection--a combination of nature and technology that is contemporary yet classic
Borghese 's " Perfetta Lip Pencil" Holds the line on lip colour. Blends easily, helps prevent lipstick from fading, feathering and bleeding. Hydrates and soothes skin with our Acqua di VitaŽ Complex. Comes in color "Luca Plum" in a .03oz size, about 1/2 of full size which retails for $ 18.50. (Q.A:1)

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Borghese's "Piede Vitale" Therapeutic Foot Creme is an invigorating yet lightweight foot creme that promotes smoother, softer, more supple skin." (Full size retails for $21.).Comes in a 1 oz / 30 ml tube. ( Q.A.:2)

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Borghese's "B Gloss " Lip Gloss in colour "Chianti" has a lush, glossy colour whih accentuates lips providing high shine looks. Moisturizers deliver a soothing treat while high style pigments add luminosity. comes in Shimmer shade "Chianti" (Dark wine) in a 4.75ml GWP ( .16 oz)which is aprox 2/3 of full size. ( Q.A.:1)

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Borghese 's " Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift for Eyes"A lightweight moisture lotion, perfect for the delicate eye area. Fights environmental aggressors, dark circles and puffiness while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. The full 1 oz retails for $ 46.50. This comes in a .5 oz (GWP) tube, a $ 22.+ value. ( Q.A.:1)

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Out-of-stock: Borghese 's "Fango" Active Mud for Face and Body is an exclusive mineral-enriched mud mask is sourced from Tuscany's volcanic hills. It energizes and nourishes skin cells on the face and body. Special absorbing action unclogs pores, eliminates dead skin cells and detoxifies impurities. Skin feels comfortably hydrated, firmer and invigorated.The full 7 oz tube retails for $ 33.50. This comes in a GWP 1oz size a $ 5. value. ( Q.A.:0)

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Borghese 's "Gel Delicato" Gentle Makeup Remover is the first step in the cleansing process, Gel Delicato is a lightweight, oil-free makeup remover gel. Powerful enough to dissolve mascara and lipstick, yet gentle enough to be extremely protective of the fragile eye and lip area. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.Full size retails for $ 30.50, This comes in a GWP 1 oz tube. ( Q.A.:1)

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