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In 1995, Caudalie Vinothérapie was founded by a French couple( Bertrand & Mathilde Thomas) along with a
professor from Bordeaux  University's discovery that grapeseeds, which contain  polyphenols, are MORE
powerful than Vitamins C & A in fighting free radicals. ( 80% of skin aging process is due to free radical
damage  generated from light, sun, pollution,smoke & other environmental hazards!).Today, Caudalie is
considered the PIONEER of using stabilizing grape seed polyphenols  in skincare ! They also invented &
patented ( in 1999) a state of the art Vinotherapy Spa in  Bordeaux France. Caudalie is a high end line found
at the better  High End department stores.
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CAUDALIE's Soin Nourissant, their Nourishing, anti-oxidant Body moisturizer with grapeseed extract. Comes in a 30 ml ( 1 oz ) tube, no box.( Q.A.: 4)

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CAUDALIE's great " Crushed Cabernet Scrub " for the body is THE Vinotherapie Spa's signature scrub that inspired Caudalie's entire body care collection ! This natural, wine-inspired body scrub provides strong exfoliation, drains, refines, softens, and nourishes the skin as it imparts intense hydration and a satiny finish. This is the FULL size @ 250 gram ( 8.8 oz) & retails for $ 35. + tax. ( Q.A.:1)

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Face Care
SOLD:CAUDALIE's " Sauvignon Scrub" is a whipped, creamy, nourishing, grapefruit body scrub. Buff away dryness as you infuse your skin with the powerful antioxidant properties of crushed grape seeds, essential oils, and honey. Your skin will be smooth as silk with a matte finish.This exclusive body scrub is only available at the famed Caudalie Spa in Bordeaux, France - that is, until now. Sephora and Caudalie bring this luxurious skin smoother to you for use in your very own home. For all skin types. Paraben-free. This comes in a 1 oz travel-sized tube .( Q.A:0)

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CAUDALIE's "Gentle Cleanser " for normal to dry skin, is a Velvety gentle fluid cleanser for all skin types, including sensitive.Leaves the skin clean, soft, free of impurities and makeup, and protected against free radicals. Skin regains clarity and health and is perfectly prepared to absorb the benefits of skincare applied afterwards.The full 200ml retails for $ 26. This comes in a 30ml tube. ( Q.A.:1)

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Caudalie's "Vine Peach " Shower Gel is soap and sodium laureth sulfate free, with a plant-derived base. This shower gel respects skin's natural pH balance. Its intoxicating fragrance blends the sweetness of VINE PEACH and almond milk with the invigorating freshness of mint leaves. Transform your shower into a moment of total relaxation, thanks to this nectar shower gel which recalls the delicious aroma of the unique Vine Peach from a vineyard. Contains plant-derived ultra-gentle cleansing base, plant-derived glycerine & pure aloe vera .Lather onto wet skin. It rinses away easily, leaving nothing on your skin except for the sweet and rich fragrance of the Vine Peach. The full size retails for $ 12. This is a 30ml ( 1oz) tube. (Q.A.:2)

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Hair Care
For Bath & Body
CAUDALIE's "Nourishing Body Lotion" is a rich, hydrating treatment that promotes microcirculation and helps prevent premature skin ageing. It leaves the skin soft and firm. Ideal for those wanting an intensely nourishing body treatment that provides lasting moisture to skin all day in a modern, non-sticky formula. The full size retails for $ 36. This comes in a GWP 30ml ( 1oz) tube, perfect for travel.( Q.A.:1)

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CAUDALIE's "Gentle Conditioning Shampoo " with Grape-seed and jojoba oil, for ALL hair types is 100% plant-based. Caudalie's Gentle Conditioning Shampoo cleanses, fortifies and protects hair, even color-treated. The Gentle Conditioning Shampoo is perfect for frequent use. It is appropriate for all hair types, even the most damaged or sensitive. Soft and silky, the Gentle Conditioning Shampoo will melt into the hair as a light mousse that quickly cleanses and rinses out without residue or buildup. Leaves hair healthier, stronger and more beautiful. The full size retails for $ 25. This comes in a GWP 30ml ( 1oz) tube.( Q.A.:1)

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This is CAUDALIE's "Beauty Elixir" eau de de beauté,for all skin types. Part-toner, part-serum mist of essential oils and plant active ingredients. It Smoothes the skin, tightens the pores, and provides an instant burst of radiance, as it stimulates microcirculation.To use: vaporize either under or over make-up.This is the full size 3.4oz ( 100ml) glass bottle & retails for $ 46.( Q.A:1)

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