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Cellcosmet's " Hand Cream " provides intensive Revitalizing Cellular Cream for Hands and Nails with active stabilized bio-integral cells. Enriched with vitamins E and C to fight against free radicals. Protects, moisturizes, revitalizes upper layer of epidermis & Optimizes cellular skin activity. Rebalances natural skin functions & Fights against effects of aging while it helps prevent development of pigment spots. Promotes nail reinforcement and growth. Non-greasy, rapidly absorbed texture . Hypoallergenic, formulated to minimize risk of allergic reactions Apply after washing hands. For all skin types, from age 25. Made in Switzerland. The full size 50 ml retails for $ 155.+tax. This is a 5ml ( .17 oz ) tube, a $ 15.50 + value. ( Q.A.:1)

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Cleansers & Masks
CELLCOSMET's " Cellular Night Cream Treatment " is a night cream which has active stabilized bio-integral cells. Enriched with Vitamins E and C, to fight against free radicals. It intensely revitalizes, optimizes cellular skin activity and nourishes the skin which is more receptive at night. It restores skin vitality and visibly improves structure and helps repair effects of premature aging. It rebalances natural skin functions and is non-greasy and rapidly absorbing. It is hypo allergenic, and formulated to minimize risk of allergic reactions. For all skin types, the full 50ml retails for $285.+. This is a3ml tub, boxed. ( Q.A.:1)

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CELLCOSMET's "Dual Action Smooth Exfoliant cream" with spherical micropolymers + phyto-enzymatic complex. Recommended to improve cellular renewal with dual phase action: enzymatic action acts for 2-3 minutes, mechanical action created by gently massaging face with light circular movements. Eliminates dead skin cells, refines texture & clears pores of impurities and blackheads Leaves skin soft and smooth as it brightens dull complexions. Maximizes receptivity to Cellcosmet cosmeceuticals.For normal to oily skin use once or twice a week. For dry or sensitive skin use once a week. Phyto-Cosmeceutical. For all skin types and all ages. The full size retails for $ 110.This is a 3ml tub, boxed. ( Q.A.:1)

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CELLCOSMET's "Active Skin Care Pretreatment Gel" with a unique complex of essential oils. Specifically designed to optimize receptivity of skin to Cellcosmet cosmeceuticals. Deeply purifies epidermis &stimulates skin functions.Alcohol-free+ dermatologically tested.Use: Apply in morning and/or evening. Use after Cellcosmet Purifying Gel, Exfoliant Dual Action. Follow with Cellcosmet Electrolytic Tonic Lotion. Phyto-Cosmeceutical. For all skin types for all ages.The full size retails for $ 97. This is a 5ml tube, boxed.(Q.A.1)

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Cellcosmet's "Active Tonic Lotion" Electrolytic Toner which tones and rebalances skin functions. Cleanses and removes makeup .Maximizes skin's receptivity to Cellcosmet complexes. Refreshes and enhances complexion Alcohol-free & Dermatologist tested . To use: Apply morning and night, or anytime to refresh skin. Use after Cellcosmet Purifying Gel or Gentle Cream Cleanser. Phyto-Cosmeceutical. For all skin types and all ages. The full 250ml retails for $95. This is a 5ml botle, boxed.( Q.A.:2)

Your price ( CelcoActivtonic221 )................$ 2.99

Cellcosmet's "Body Care Cream" is a revitalizing Cellular Body Skin Care Cream Treatment with active stabilized bio-integral cells. Enriched with vitamins E and C to fight against free radicals.Optimizes the quality of cell renewal .Rebalances the natural functions of skin & revitalizes, nourishes, softens and prevents dry skin. Recommended during, & after pregnancy as well as weight loss diets to improve elasticity.Smooth cream texture is quickly absorbed. Hypoallergenic; formulated to minimize risk allergic reactions Use once or twice daily. For all skin types, from age 25. The full 125ml retails for $245., this is a 3ml tub, boxed. ( Q.A.:1)

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Cellcosmet's "Anti-Stress Matifying Cream Mask" with phyto extracts + blend of floral water. A unique anti-stress and moisturizing bath for skin. Eliminates tension and tight skin sensations and restores natural moisture balance to upper level epidermis. Imparts immediate and long lasting smoothness and freshness as it relieves signs of fatigue & brightens complexion. Leaves skin matte with a healthy, radiant glow. Dermatologist tested.Use 2-3 times a week. For all skin types and all ages. The full size retails for $140.This is a 3ml ( .1oz) tub, boxed. ( Q.A.:1)

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Cellcosmet's "Purifying Gel" Make-up Remover & skin cleanser Comes in a 5ml tube, boxed. (Q.A:1)
Cellcosmet's " Precious Mask , Radiance Revealer & Harmonising Cream-Gel Mask" for all skin types, with eidelweiss extracts. Promotes clarifying, harmonising and regenerating: Gently eliminates skin impurities & reduce the size of the pores. Clarifies and harmonises a lacklustre, dull complexion as it promotes skin regeneration. Radiance immediately becomes visible as it erases fatigue marks. Soothing, calming, anti-dehydrating while it maintains natural skin hydration at optimum levels. This comes in a 7ml ( .27 oz) tube, boxed. ( Q.A.:1)

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Cellcosmet's " Ultra Vital Intensive Cellular Skin Care" Cream is a special 24 hour revitalising cellular cream enriched with vitamin E and C to fight against free radicals, it is designed for devtalised slackened and stressed skin in the age around 30. It can help prevent and repair the effects of premature skin ageing and dramatically boosts cellular activity. And, it also moisturizes and intensively nourishes the skin. The full size( 1oz) retails for $ 192. This comes in a GWP size 3ml (.1oz) tub, boxed. (Q.A.:1)

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