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Shiseido's most prestigious brand of all time " Clé De Peau BEAUTE" which means "the key to
beautiful skin." This brand is made of the best ingredients ever, with enzyme management
technology. It is truly one of the best cosmetic brands available nowadays and once you've tried it
you will understand why stars such as
Nicole Kidman are fans ! ( And remember : applying gobs
will not change the results, except in your pocketbook!)
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Clé de Peau's "Baume Contour des Yeux Anti-rides"  Eye Contour Balm ,  Anti Wrinkle  is a rich revitalizing cream for night time use specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. It maintains the optimal moisture level, promotes skin functions, thus preventing and reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and the other signs of premature skin ageing. It contains Retinol, a revitalizing ingredient to help diminish wrinkles .The full size ( 15 ml) retails for  $126.00 plus tax. This is a 2ml quantity tube (.07 oz) trial/travel size with an aproximate retail value of $20.  Comes boxed.( Q.A:1 )

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The LATEST in wrinkle fighting, aside from PREVENTION ,( stay out of the sun or else use a HIGH number sunblock AND a brimmed hat !) (My motto:: if
it's daylight, i need a SUNSCREEN !) : Use moisturizers & treatments which stimulate Collagen production and Prevent skin-cell breakdown.
Retinoids have been proven to increase collagen production. You need a skincare regime rich in anti oxidants, to help neutralized free radicals!
Cle de Peau's " Refreshing Nourishing Emulsion " conceived for oily / combination skin , it will leave skin with an ultra-light, dewy fresh feeling.This is a nighttime emulsion thathelps restore the condition of the skin as you sleep.Moisturizes, revitalizes and leaves skin more supple. Improves the skin's texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines for a younger, radiant look. Contains "TC Complex " which keeps skin moist and supple. The Full size , 75ml (2.5oz)retails for: $120..This comes in a 6ml ( .2 oz) bottle, boxed.( Q.A.:2)

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SOLD out: Clé De Peau BEAUTE's "Gentle Protective Emulsion SPF 15, is an extraordinary daytime emulsion that effectively protects skin against UV rays, dryness, and other environmental factors while encouraging a look of absolute vibrancy. Helps maintain a smooth, even skin texture and acts as an excellent base for the application of foundation. Provides a luxurious feeling of exceptional moisture. Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful oisture-stabilizing ingredient that creates a radiant complexion. Contains CE Generating Complex, an ingredient proven to reinforce vitality in surface cells.Formulated with exclusive Cle de Peau Beaute ingredient Cellular IC Normalizer, which enhances conditions for optimal functioning of the cellular ion channel system. The full size retails for $ 130. This comes in a 4ml (.13oz )bottle, boxed.(Q.A:0)

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Clé De Peau BEAUTE's  gorgeous FULL sized Lip Gloss in # 11, a beautiful frosted deep Rose colour. This is a lustrous, pearly gloss that enhances the natural beauty of the lips as it conditions.Irridescent elements capture the natural qualities of light and provides lasting luminous color while retaining lip moisture as it increases softness and suppleness for improved texture and surprising staying power.Comes in a full size .13 oz container with its own wand/brush, boxed. Retails for $ 65.

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Clé de Peau's "Restorative Body Cream"A rich cream to promote a youthful look of skin. Provides smoothing, firming & energizing effects,reconstructs skin to help keep moisture all day,eliminates dullness & uneven skin tone to add luminosity, delicately scented to inspire a relaxed sensation. Leaves skin soft, velvety smooth, supple with healthy glow .Comes in a GWP 30ml ( 1 oz) tube, boxed. (Full size retails for $ 145. )(This is a $ 22. value)(Q.A.1)

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Out-of-Stock: Clé de Peau's " La Crème" , an exceptionally luxurious revitalizing cream that counteracts signs of fatigue and encourages nighttime recovery for a flawless, radiant complexion. This is an effective night cream for a flawless, radiant complexion,it intensely revitalizes & energizes dull skin while it combats signs of fatigue & stimulates nighttime recovery.The full size (30 ml) retails @ $535.00 plus tax.This comes in a 2ml( .06 oz) tub,boxed, a $ 35.+ value.( Q.A.:0)

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Cle de Peau's " Absolute Eye Make-up Remover" their great mild cleanser that gently washes away eye make up and helps retain skin's moisture levels after washing.Thoroughly clears away the long-wearing & waterproof eye makeup. Refines in texture that gentle to the delicate area around the eyes. Lifts contour & eliminates signs of fatigue. Helps comfort the eyes & renew the radiant look.Comes in a 13 ml ( .43oz) bottle ,boxed. (Q.A.:1)

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Out-of-stock: Cle de Peau's " Serum Eclaircissant" Brightening Serum, a revitalizing lotion that enhances skin tone & texture Reduces signs of aging & color irregularities Offers moisturizing action to keep skin hydrated Adds luminosity & radiance to skin Gentle to skin to minimize risk of allergy Leaves skin velvety smooth, supple, & young looking. The full sized 40ml retails for $ 135.+. This is a 6ml bottle, boxed,( a $ 20.+ value!)( Q.A.:0)

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Clé de Peau's "Energizing Essence"A sophisticated essence to even out skin tone & improve skin texture . Contains oil-absorbing powder to matt out shine, plus TC Complex to maintain skin moist & supple.Leaves skin more radiant & translucent & promotes a soft, velvety smooth & uniform complexion. Full 75ml retails for $ 155. This is a 6ml bottle, boxed.( Q.A.:1)

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Clé De Peau BEAUTE's great LipStick N in # 48 a gorgeous Dusty rose colour,this is a lustrous, creamy lipstick , an exquisite snsation on the lips! This moisture-infusing lipstick lasts & lasts ! It goes on satisfyingly rich & smooth, dewy not shiny with true colour finish. Bio-Hyaluronic within helps keep lips hydrated as it enhances the natural beauty of the lips while it conditions..Comes in a Full size .15 oz,& retails for $ 55.( Q.A.:1)

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Out-of-stock:Clé de Peau's "Gentle Nourishing emulsion" is a night time moisturizing emulsion that encourages skin to maximize the effects of natural cell renewal and inspires increased moisture, resilience, and glow. Revitalizes skin exposed to daytime environmental stress and helps prevent the premature appearance of visible signs of aging caused by excessive dryness, loss of essential elements, or a demanding lifestyle. For normal to dry skin. The full size retails for $150. This is a 5ml (.16oz)tube, boxed.(Q.A.:0)

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