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Erno Laszlo
Dr Erno Lazlo, a renowned European dermatologist , was a visionary who created the world's
First Dermatological Skincare line over 75 yrs ago based upon 5 basic principles, including the
critical importance of Clocking)( skin classification) and the daily ritual, all to deliver perfect,
healthy skin. Dr. Laszlo's legend lives on to this day with top celebrities from around the globe.
Dr. Laszlo does NOT test its products on animals nor does he delegate the testing to
companies who use animals. Products are tested for safety on human volunteers.
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Erno Laszlo's NEW "Advanced Retexturizing Complex" for Clarity & Radiance.A gentle, targeted treatment that provides continual and effective cell renewal. This skin brightenig treatment contains Camellia leaf extract & other fruit acids as well as bisabolol and allantoin, & wheat germ oil.Its sustained delivery system gradually releases active ingredients to refine skin texture, smooth out fine lines, improve skin clarity, and even out skin tone. For all skin types. The full 50ml size retails for $ 97.+tax. This is a 5ml pump vial.(Q.A.:3)

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Erno Laszlo's " pHelitone eye treatment" an intensive therapy for the eye area to bring back your vibrant, youthful eyes! It decreases lines and puffiness while brightening the eye area.Also nourishes, strengthens, and firms skin.Contains state-of-the-art Collagen Recovery Complex which recharges the energy of aging cells, giving new strength for sagging contours and droopy lids while it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Three natural lighteners help brighten shadows. Antioxidant vitamins and essential fatty acids nourish parched skin. Gently pat a dot of cream under eye and browbone. Do not rub. Allow to penetrate before using makeup.Full size, .5 oz retails for $ 57.This is a .21 oz tub, a $ 24.Value.(Q.A.1)

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Erno Laszlo's "Gentle Body Exfoliator" Effectively uncovers fresh new skin cells revealing a healthy, rosy glow and smooth skin surface. Mild surfactant powders provide good cleansing and foaming without stripping the skin. Leaves skin refreshed, soft and clean. The full size retails for $ 38.This comes in a 7ml tube.( Q.A.:4)

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Erno Laszlo's great "TRANSpHUSE TOPICAL EN APPLICATION" a REVOLUTIONARY SURGICEUTICAL which helps relax facial muscles and plumps up lines & wrinkles.Contains "DERMAL FILLERS & MICROSPHERES " which penetrate the cutaneous layer to smooth out skin as well as a topical muscle relaxant which works to modulate facial expressions & reduce the formation of wrinkles. Contains " ANTI-IMFLAMMATORY COMPLEX" to minimize SWELLING & PUFFINESS, plus ADVANCED FIRMING AGENTS which help STREN GTHEN the DERMIS layer BY INCREASING ELASTICITY & PLIABILITY as well as UNIQUE SENSORY COMPONENTS wch cool & relax the skin. Full 30ml ( 1 oz) retails for $160.+.This is a 5ml ( .17 oz) pump vial, an aprox. $ 27. value !( Q.A.:1)

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Out-of-stock: Erno Laszlo's "Timeless Skin Age Preventative Treatment " results in unprecedented skin changes.Proven twice as effective in: Boosting skin firmness. Increasing skin plumpness. Improving skin tone. Decreasing under eye discoloration. Reducing superficial lines and wrinkles. Reducing crow's feet and fine dry lines in the eye area.This formula is powered by: Erno Laszlo's breakthrough Marine Collagen Complex combined with a unique yeast extract. Triple vitamin complex, with vitamins B, C & E that work together to intervene against severe atmospheric aggressors, stimulate cellular regeneration, and aid in tissue repair. Enzymatic action slows destructive enzyme processes that cause lines, wrinkles, and other aging signs. The full size retails for $ 125..Comes in a 5ml ( .17oz) pump vial.(Q.A:0)

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