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The LATEST in wrinkle fighting, aside from PREVENTION ,( stay out of the sun or else use a HIGH
number sunblock AND a brimmed hat !)  Use moisturizers & treatments which stimulate Collagen
production and Prevent skin-cell breakdown. Retinoids have been proven to increase collagen
production. You need a skincare regime rich in anti oxidants, to help neutralized free radicals!
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Guerlain's"  Orchidée Impériale",Exceptional Complete Care Cream ,the timeless secret of the orchid—one of nature's most mysteriously beautiful flowers, captured in an extraordinary cream. Highly concentrated, this precious skincare treatment contains the imperial orchid molecular extract and reveals the secret of longevity of this extraordinary flower to the most demanding skins. Day after day, it acts on all signs of aging. For all skin types, apply morning & evening on perfectly cleansed skin.the Full size( 50 ml) retails for $ 350. + tax. This is a .1 oz ( 3ml) tube, carded, a $ 21. value !( Q.A.:1)

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Out-of-stock: Guerlain's great "Orchidée Impériale Eye & Lip Cream " The longevity of the Orchid now captured in an extraordinary Eye & Lip Cream.The protective and regenerative benefits of the extract restore firmness, suppleness, density and hydration to these particularly delicate areas: Targets under-eye puffiness and dark circles with autofocus reflectors that light up the eye area. A tightening agent creates an instant rested look around the eyes. Crow's-feet are immediately smoothed. The full 15ml (.5oz) retails for $ 155.+tax. This is a 2ml tube, ( a $ 21.value)boxed.(Q.A:0)

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Guerlain's KissKiss lipstick in colour #570 Rose Impudique (a pretty HOT pink shade). With a name so evocative of all that is fun-loving, sexy, and provocative, Kiss Kiss Lipstick is the perfect choice for every look imaginable.This is a mini GWP .04 oz size ( 1/3 of full size, which retails for $29.+) housed in a faux gold lightweight metal case.(Q.A:1).

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SOLD: Guerlain's"Issima Success Smoothing Toner" The fundamental, first step to beautiful skin—cleansing. Maximize its benefits with this luxurious toner. Conceived for very dry and very sensitive skin. A gel-water formula. Helps firm and smooth with rose extract. The full size retails at $ 55.+ This bottle, at 50ml is 1/4 of full size.( Q.A.:0)

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Color: Eyes  & Lips
Out-of-stock:Guerlain "Issima's Success LIFT" Radiant Lifting Serum is a unique formula that absorbs instantly, visibly redefining the contours of the face, leaving skin exceptionally luminous. Provides both instant and long-lasting results, restoring suppleness and tone while protecting against free radicals. Use morning and night. Suitable for all skin types. The full size 30 ml bottle retails for $ 100. + tax, Comes in a 6 ml (.2 oz )pump bottle, a $ 20 value.( Q.A.:0)

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Orchidée Impériale line
Success: Future ,  Model + Issima, Aqua
Guerlain's NEW "Success Future Day Care" a firming, moisturizing day cream with aSPF 15 & anti-aging benefits.This wrinkle minimizer with its fine and silky texture produces a slight tightening but very comfortable effect, to maintain skin tone. In addition to firming, anti-wrinkle and radiance-boosting effects, it moisiturizes the skin and gives it a more even and matte appearance. The full 50ml retails for 135.+. This comes in a 3ml tube, boxed, an $ 8.+ value ( Q.A:3)

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SOLD: Guerlain's "Terracotta" Sunless Collection Self-Tan Body Spray, enriched with 100% natural Moroccan Argan Oil, this also hydrates, protects and helps regenerate the skin for a smooth, flawless finish. How to use: Build a gradually deepening color by applying daily, or maintain a natural glow with less frequent use. The full size retails for $ 50. This comes in a convenient for travel 10ml size, boxed . ( Q.A:0)

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Guerlain's NEW "Super-Aqua Day Comfort Cream SPF 10" with Desert Rose flower comples is a gentle cream swathing the face in a soft envelope, giving the skin a delicious sense of well-being. Supplies the skin with nutritive ingredients, making it more resistant to the effects of time and harsh environmental factors. Wrinkles and small dehydration lines are smoothed—the skin glows and feels more supple.Full size retails for $115. This is a 3ml tube, boxed, a $ 7.value ( Q.A:1)

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Guerlain's Mini "Ombre Eclat Duo" eye shadow duo compact to embellish the eyes, provide a uniform finish and impeccable hold, all day long.These two delicate, neutral shades help play with nuances and adjust your look to suit your mood. These new-generation eyeshadows play up the power of contrasts are available in "rose Boisé" (# 460) shades of pink & bronze. Comes in 2x .01 oz. The full size retails for $ 54. This is a mini duo, perfect for travel.(Q.A.:1)

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