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PLEASE NOTE: Despite new USPS rate
increases in 2012, we have NOT
increased  our  shipping rates  !! As a
matter of fact, we now offer FREE
shipping on most items, in the USA!
Frequently Asked Questions  ( FAQ 's )
Welcome ! If you have a question I have not addressed below, PLEASE feel
free to contact will be my pleasure to get back to you & perhaps to
subsequently address it below, if applicable! Thanks in advance !
Q : What exactly does GWP or PWP mean ?

A : Gift with Purchase ( GWP) and Purchase with Purchase ( PWP ) refer to
items that either have been bought or received as part or a Cosmetic line's
or Department store 's Beauty event or promotion. They are ALL bigger
than just a plain sample (packet) size, generally anywhere from 1/5 to 1/2 of
the full size of a product .They are IDENTICAL in content to the full size, just
smaller and a geat way to either try or buy at a reasonable cost.I usually
indicate in what proportion it is, to avoid confusion.
Q: How fresh / recent / new  are the products you sell ?

A: All items we sell are within expiry dates. Everything is NEW, Unused, & untested. I would NOT sell junk,
or something I would not use myself. Sometimes there is no date on a product, but I do keep
cosmetics & Beauty products cool stored, which extends their shelf life, and I "smell" or inspect ( within
possibility) all products BEFORE I list them. If an item has reached its best by date you will be
contacted/advised & can choose to conclude purchase, or not. Do bear in mind that if product is
sealed/unopened, this will extend its  best by date, usually by one year.
Moreover, everything that is listed on this website has been RECENTLY acquired, and generally inventory
turns over swiftly.
Lastly we live & work in a
SMOKE-Free area, so all products smell fresh.!
Q: I live in EUROPE ( ASIA, AUSTRALIA) do you ship there ?

A: Yes, I ship internationally , where permitted, but it is MORE expensive, Based on
PLEASE refer BELOW for MORE info, as well as the AIr Supplement page
paypal checkout buttons
to be used PRIOR to final checkout. THANKS
Q. What does ( Q.A +#)  in brackets mean next to an item description?

A. It means the QUANTITY Available of the product listed, ie how many can be purchased...see below for
more info...
Q Are your products available in multiple quantities ?

A.Some are & some are  NOT, BUT many Skin Care  products ARE. All  are indicated in brackets,  
example:( Q A:5) means 5 are available. IF
not indicated in brackets, then ONLY ONE of the item is
Q.: What does OOAKs mean ?

A : OOAK stands for : ONE of a Kind and it pertains to Fashion Doll ( mostly 16 "  dolls but also some 11
½" Silkstone™ Barbie body dolls )
UNIQUE creations. Fashion Doll collectors enjoy exclusivity ( bear in
mind that most fashions and dolls are issued in either 1500 or 2000 quantities, although  for the
Silkstones the number is much greater) . Each of my handmade, often hand beaded creations comes with
an OOAK certificate.
Q - What is your shipping cost & policies on beauty & perfume products ?

WE NOW OFFER FREE SHIPPING on most items ( minimum order of $ 9.99~otherwise we'll charge you $
3.99 ) i
n the U.S.A. Some items , aditionally have a shipping charge next to them if they are considered
HEAVY & will include a signature confirmation, if amount is significant !

This info is on HOLD: Packing, Shipping and handling costs
for the U.S.A. are based on total purchase
price plus USPS fees & ALWAYS include a d/c tracking # . Fees are based as follows:( Canada is the same
& ships AIR Mial )

$  0.99 to  $ 9.99    =   $ 4.95     First class   ( includes Delivery confirmation/tracking # )
$ 10.00  to $ 47.99  =  $ 6.95    Priority              "           "                  "               
$ 48.00  to  $ 75.99  =  $ 8.95       "                     "            "                "       
$ 76.00 to  $ 124.99 =  $ 9.95       "                     "            "                 "       And Signature required
$ 125.00 and over  =  $12.95       "   
                 "              "                 "                "                  "
Returns are
not generally accepted on cosmetics, for Hygienic reasons, unless product is defective, or
because of our shipping error.

INTERNATIONAL shipping is more expensive & depends on WEIGHT +
Destination. PLEASE email me for a
Quote PRIOR to checkout  OR else
Q: What exactly is Paypal ?

A::Paypal is the biggest money transfer transactor on the web, with over 71 million accounts worldwide.
Through paypal, we can accept payments from
all the major credit card companies as well as from
a direct debit  in your account , OR an e-check, yet Gooddealbeauty does NOT collect your
financial information...
.The use of Paypal means that we never see your credit card or Paypal account
information/numbers. Passwords are never asked for on Good Deal Street & Good Deal Beauty. You do
not have to register with Good Deal Street Beauty to purchase anything with us ! Paypal will provide us
your shipping instructions and what you have purchased and how much you paid. They also provide
ways that I may contact you regarding shipping, Back order ship dates and any other question I/we may
have. Of note, for orders in excess of $ 50. we generally require/prefer  a
CONFIRMED address. This is
for fraud protection .
When you see this logo, you know this is the
FASTEST, easiest, most reliable way of paying (
they accept ALL major credit cards+ you can make
an e-check or an instant debit to your account)
and  remember that paypal offers a limited money
back guarantee !
Q - I do not have a paypal  account and do NOT want one. Can I still  make a purchase?

A - Unfortunately, we no longer accept non-paypal transactions, sorry. Moreover, International (
non U.S.) purchasors MUST use   Paypal , in U.S. funds,  nothing else will be accepted.
Q . What if I want to buy a lipstick  but I'm unsure of the color, can I return it ?

A:- No , for hygienic reasons I cannot accept returns on any cosmetics. IF you are unsure, stop by
your nearest cosmetic department and check the colour there OR search the appropriate website,
several of them have a chart, however, each computer monitor ( screen) has a different colour, so
it's best to KNOW
ahead of time the colour you want. Same applies to foundations & powders, etc.
Q- I tried to use Paypal but it said that I didn't have an account and I'm sure I do!

A- I bet you are at work buying something. I think this can be fixed if you open another window
and sign-in on paypal. This could set your cookies for your account name and not your company
log-in !
Q. How soon may I expect to receive my order ?

A. Once payment advice is received, we  will contact you within 12 hours with the SHIPPING date
.We then  generally  carefully pack your goods and will ship out within 24 hours.(I will also email an
ack. of receipt. and the d/c #)  The rest is dependant on U.S.P.S., but most ( 75%) are shipped
First class in the U.S.A. & generally  it takes 2 to 4 business days to receive. We always ship with a
DELIVERY confirmation #, which you will be  provided with. ( This applies to most everything
EXCEPT for the DOLLS, which MAY ship UPS or Fed Ex )
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PLEASE click on our AIR SUPPLEMENT PAGE for more
details  including fees for
International Priority & express
Q. Where are you located & can I pick up my purchases in your store ?

A. We are located in Northern Vermont and NO, we have NO retail outlet. We are a small business &
operate out of an office annexed to our home.
Please NOTE, since summer 2012 we offer FREE shipping on orders over $
10.  in the U.S.A ONLY!