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SOLD: Juvena of Switzerland's amazing "Vital Eye cream ", to smooth and refine the delicate eye area with this Q10 Energy Complex-enriched eye cream that instantly smoothes fine lines, de-puffs, and revitalizes. Perfect for morning and evening use..Provides protection against UV rays & contains anti-oxidants & other ingredients to promote active skin renewal. Comes in a 4 ml tube, boxed.( Q.A.:0)

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Juvena Active Day energizing day cream with Q 10 PLUS ENERGY COMPLEX for a youthful, fresh radiance.This light, fragrance-free, skin-renewing intensive day care containing the highly effective co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin E and maritime sugar molecules - effectively supports and promotes the skin's energy storage function. The skin is supplied with energy, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and the overall skin structure and elasticity are improved. This light cream provides the skin with moisture, giving it pleasantly fresh skin sensation while protecting it against free radicals and UV rays. It provides the optimal environment for skin renewal, improves natural skin functions and calms irritations. Within just a few weeks, the complexion becomes visibly smoother and its structure more refined. In addition, anti-oxidants protect the skin against damaging external influences. The skin appears flawless. Contains UV protection. Comes in a .14 fl oz tube, boxed. (Q.A.1)

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The La Prairie Group possesses a portfolio of four premium brands in the high-end cosmetics
sector: La Prairie, Juvena of Switzerland, Marlies Möller Beauty Hair Care and SBT Skin Biology
Therapy. Each of the four brands, independently developed, has its unique philosophy and identity
forming together a multifaceted diamond for true brilliance in beauty.
Juvena of Switzerland has excelled through innovation and so achieved milestones in skin care
history. The Swiss cosmetics brand emerged from the pharmaceutical-medical laboratory
Divapharma in Zurich, Switzerland in 1954.
Today, the Swiss values of quality, reliability and trustworthiness as well as scientific and medical
competence continue to serve as the basis for everything the brand does. Because of their
pharmaceutical background, JUVENA's strength lies in the skincare area, face and body. In the
selective market area, JUVENA represents all segments of a classic cosmetics company !
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