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Background on the prestige Kanebo line of Japan: In 1936, Kanebo introduced its first cosmetic product "SAVON DE SOIE", a silk-based soap  
made from oils extracted from the chrysalis of the silkworm.  This name will always be remembered in the company's history as the first step towards
the Kanebo cosmetics business of today. In 1960, Kanebo entered the beauty business committing itself to a wide range of beauty-related items
and has since  become one of Japan's leading cosmetics manufacturers.Kanebo INTERNATIONAL's brand philosophy is to allow the skin to exert
to the fullest its intrinsic power to be beautiful. However, substances straight from nature are not only beneficial, but can also have adverse effects.
For reasons of safety and stability, natural substances have to be purified to allow their usage in cosmetics. Furthermore, through application of
Kanebo’s high-level technology and latest dermatological science, these natural substances are modified to increase their efficacy. The fusion of
Kanebo's original, high-level technology with the most up-to-date dermatological science has led to the development of products that are safe,
stable and highly effective !Kanebo products are available as some Sacks 5th avenue stores, as well as Bergdorf Goodman's & similar high end
stores,as well as some spas. Their SENSAI Cellular Performance line  contain breakthrough ingredients which aim to unleash  skin cells' full
potential, using a holistic, anti-ageing approach. which yields a reduction in  fine lines as well as noticeably more refined, moother, firmer skin and
an increase in youthful radiance & luminosity reminescent of the lustre of the pearl & the touch of silk !
Kanebo Sensai's Body Firm
Kanebo's "IB Priming" Lotion II, an elixir that instantly hydrates and softens skin, replenishing moisture, restoring pH balance and addressing every sign of aging. For normal, dry, or very dry skin. Full size retails for $ 60.This is a .3 oz ( 10 ml) bottle. Boxed. ( Q.A:1)

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Kanebo's Sensai " Silk
Kanebo Sensai's "Hydrachange Eye Essence" contains a sleek, dense formulation to instantly soothe the skin surface while promoting micro-circulation in the delicate eye area.How to use: Apply mornings and evenings. The full 15 ml retails for $ 130. This comes in a 1ml ( .03oz) tube, boxed ( Q.A.:3)

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Kanebo Sensai's "Cellular Performance Lifting Cream" Anti-sagging cream with a smooth, rich feel. Firms the skin and defines the facial contours, contributing to a smoother, more finely textured and uplifted appearance. The full 40ml retails for $ 280. This is a 4.6ml (.15oz)tub, boxed, a $32.+ value.( Q.A:1)

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Sensai Soap
Kanebo Sensai's "Cellular Performance Advanced Recovery Concentrate Cell-Refining Cream" a breakthrough intensive serum to accelerate cellular energy metabolism. Achieves astonishing improvements in skin condition during periods of declined performance. Apply in mornings and evenings after lotion. Follow with emulsion or cream. The full 1.36 oz retails for $200. Comes in a 2ml tub. boxed.( Q.A:1)

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Kanebo 's "Cleansing oil"An exceptionally rich cleansing oil for all skin types. Gentle yet deeply dissolves stubborn make up, sebum, dirt & pollutants .Makes skin perfectly clean, clear & translucent. Calms the skin with soothing agents & leaves skin softer, smoother, refreshed . The full size retails for $70.+ This is a 9ml ( .3oz) bottle, boxed. (Q.A.:1)

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Cleansers & Toners
Kanebo Sensai's " Silky Purifying Mud Soap (Wash & Mask, step 2) is a light, quick-foaming soap that may also be used as a mask. Moisturises the skin while controlling sebum. For oily and combination skin. Apply alone in the morning or after Step 1 in the evening. Smooth onto moistened face. Rinse well. The full size retails for $ 50.+. Comes in a .27oz ( 8ml) tube, boxed.( Q.A.:2)

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Kanebo Sensai's NEW "Prime Solution " is the essential first step to double moisturizing combines Koishimaru Silk with groundbreaking skin care technology to reawaken skin cells that have become less responsive with age. The skin looks revitalized, offering an exceptional anti-aging effect and boosting the efficacy of any subsequent anti-aging skin care treatment.The full size retails for $ 170. THIS is a 2ml ( .06oz) bottle, boxed. ( Q.A.:2)

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