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Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani's BEAUTIFUL full-sized lipstick Mania , an hydrating, satin lipstick in " Mania #30 " a pretty deep rose shade. Retails for $ 26.+.Comes in a 4.2 ml ( .14 oz) tube. (Q.A.:1)

Your price ( Lip30Armani634 ) ...............................$ 16.99

Bobbi Brown
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Bobbi Brow's' lovely GWP-sized signature Tube Lip gloss in "crystal" Sheer lip gloss adds shine and sheer color to highlight the natural tone of your lips with a bit of shimmer. Wear alone or layer over your favorite lipstick. Scented with a hint of vanilla.The full size retails for $ 19. This comes in a 7ml tube (.24 oz)(Q.A.:1)

your price ( BobbiCrystalips679 ) ............$ 7.99 + $ 1.99 S&H

Borghese's "B Gloss " Lip Gloss in colour "Chianti" has a lush, glossy colour whih accentuates lips providing high shine looks. Moisturizers deliver a soothing treat while high style pigments add luminosity. comes in Shimmer shade "Chianti" (Dark wine) in a 4.75ml GWP ( .16 oz)which is aprox 2/3 of full size. ( Q.A.:1)

Your price(BorghChiantiLipGlos620 )...............$ 11.99

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Chantecaille's Brilliant Lip Gloss in "Charm " is a plumping lip Gloss with lush color ( a pale peach ) that's both pretty an d incredibly comfortable. Comes in a .05 oz / 1.5 gr tube, equivalent of 1/2 full size which retails for $ 32.( Q.A:3)

Your price ( LipChateCharm1691)..............$ 15.99 SALE Now only $ 13.99

CHANEL's " LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES " Glossimer, provides intense frost and shine for lips. Cool array of hottest colors in a convenient, easy-to-use case. Gel texture imparts a shimmery, ultra-glossy look. Shades add extra sparkle and shine. This is # 237 "cHARMING" ( A gorgeous sparkling coral shade). Comes in a full size 5.5gr ( .19 oz) tube, boxed & retails for $ 29.50+. ( Q.A.1)

Your price ( ChanelGlossCharmin613 )..............$ 27.99

Chantecaille's "Brilliant Gloss", the first Chantecaille Lip Gloss with a wand. Microspheres of vegetal polysaccarides plump and hydrate lips, creating soft, supple lips and an ultra shiny finish.Colour is CHARISMA : a sheer sparkling plum. This comes in a full size, .1 oz ( 3ml) & retails for $ 33. +tax. ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipChanteCharisma2615 )....................$ 32.99 SALE ! Now only $ 29.99

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New by IT Cosmetics, "My Youthful Smile" Smile Line Wrinkle Filler/Plumping Lip Gloss Duo has a Smile Line Wrinkle Fill cream with collagen and anti-oxidants on one end to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth + a Smile Brightening Lip Plumping Gloss on the other end with blue based pigments specially designed to counteract the yellow in your teeth and make your smile whiter instantly! Smile Line Wrinkle Fill improves the appearance of skin firmness and suppleness with a combination of antioxidants, collagen, and essential skin nutrients. Smile Brightening Gloss is rich with antioxidants and collagen helping your lips appear plumper while conditioning, moisturizing and smoothing out fine lines. The special blue pigments in the gloss help create the illusion of a brighter, whiter smile.This is the full Size .46 oz, & retails for $ 32.( Q.A>:1)

Your price ( LipYouthfulSmile2619 )......................$ 29.99 SALE! Now only $ 19.99

Clé de Peau
Clé De Peau BEAUTE's great LipStick N in # 48 a gorgeous Dusty rose colour,this is a lustrous, creamy lipstick , an exquisite snsation on the lips! This moisture-infusing lipstick lasts & lasts ! It goes on satisfyingly rich & smooth, dewy not shiny with true colour finish. Bio-Hyaluronic within helps keep lips hydrated as it enhances the natural beauty of the lips while it conditions..Comes in a Full size .15 oz,& retails for $ 55.( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipClePeau48Rose698 ) ...................$ 49.99 Sale! Now Double reduction $ 29.99

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CLINIQUE's "Full Potential Lips Plump & Shine" is a high shine lip-plumping gloss that helps lips appear plumper, smoother, and with less lines due to a gentle patented botanical blend, including ginger root oil. Contains lip-magnifying pearls that reflect light and create the appearance of fuller lips. Peptide complex helps signal natural collagen production, encouraging lips to look fuller.The full sized, individual glosses retail for $ 17.50 each.This is a GWP 2ml duo & comes with applicator brushes in colors # 14 "Blackberry" & # 03 "Glamour", a $ 10. value. ( Q.A.:3)

Your Price ( LipClinicPlump681 )...................$ 10.99

DuWop's " Lip Venom" Plumping Gloss is the original Lip Plumping gloss , a transparent gloss that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation with a spicy, tingly blend of essential oils including cinnamon and ginger. The result: An attractively pumped up pout. Comes in the full 3.5ml Size 0.12 oz ( in the original"tube"). ( Q.a.:1)

Your price ( DuWopLipVen660)..........................$ 16.99 SALE! Now only $ 15.99

Ellis Faas' ULTRA Wet-look " Milky Lips " in colour L202 ( a medium caramel) to give your Lips a more Fluid and Translucent appearance with just a trace of colour. You can apply a very-light layer all over the lips or apply Milky Lips onto the middle of the lips and fade it with your fingertips. Made In Italy it retails for $ 35. + at high end deparetment stores. Comes in a FULL SIZE 2.8 ml / .095 oz pen/brush, boxed. ( Q,A:2)

Your price (EllisFaas202Milk1606 )..........$ 29.99 SALE! Now only $ 17.99

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CITY LIPS'"Topical Collagn Stimulant". City Cosmetics uses Oligopeptide Technology & Celadrol™ to visibly increase lip size safely and painlessly . This amazing LIP PLUMPING TREATMENT really works, as long as you use it faithfully, and it will show visible results in 30 days,increases Lip Volume as it reduces Lip Wrinkles, helps maintain Collagen Injections . Good Housekeeping Recommended .This is a sample size & looks to be about 4 ml. ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( CityTopicalStim637 )..................$ 5.99 + $ 1.99 S&H

HAUTE Face of England
From the British Luxury color cosmetic co. "HAUTE Face" 's lovely full sized Lip Gloss in colour " On the Rocks" a pretty frosted pastel pink colour. Comes in a .18 oz tube, boxed.

Your price ( LipHauteRocks631 )...............$ 5.99 + $ 1.99 S&H

Also from the British Luxury color cosmetic co. "HAUTE Face" 's lovely full sized Lip Gloss in colour " Glitterati" a pretty frosted pearl white colour. Comes in a .18 oz tube, boxed.

Your price ( LipHauteGlitter632 )...............$ 5.99 + $ 1.99 S&H

Lancome's NEW "Juicy Wear"  Seal & Shine Top Coat " Film Mirroir" a CLEAR SHINE Gloss to add on top of your  lip colour. Comes in a .33 oz  Tube. ( Q;A;2 )

Your price (LipLanClear625  ).......................$ 7.99 SALE now only $ 6.99( + $ 1.99 Ship)

LANCOME's "Juicy Tubes" Gloss Lèvres brilliant, their ULTRA Shiny Lip gloss in tint " Simmer" a paler butterscotch shade, comes in a .21 oz( 6ml) tube & is aprox 1/2 of the full size.( Q.A.:2)

Your price ( LiLancJucySim618 ) ................$ 6.99 + ( $1 .99 ship)

LANCOME 's "Colour Design" lipstick in colour " Vintage Rose ( a medium dusty rose colour). Comes unboxed in a full GWP size.(Q.A:1)

Your price ( LipLancomVintagRose1658 )...........$ 8.99 ( + $ 1.99 Ship)

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Estee LAUDER ' s Pure Color Lip Gloss in # 25 "Praline" ,NEW, GWP sized, no box .(Q.A.:2)

Your price ( LipELPralineglos1616 ) .................$ 4.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

Estee LAUDER ' s "Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick" # 186  " Tiger Eye" ( a nice orangy-copper) ,NEW, full sized, no box Retails for $ 22.(Q.A:2)

Your price ( LipELTigerEye645 ) .................$ 9.99

Estee LAUDER ' s "Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick" # 18  "Bois de Rose " ,NEW, full sized, no box Retails for $ 22.

Your price ( LipEL9BoiRose635 ) .................$ 9.99

M.A.C.'s Gorgeous Full sized Satin  lipstick in " Russian Red "  # AA 4.(Q.A.:1)

Your price ( lipMAC641 )..........................$ 14.99

Laura Mercier
Princess Marcella Borghese
Borghese 's Lipstick "Lussuoso "is ultra moisturizing, with rich pigment levels and color that lasts. Its lush, creamy finish minimizes fine lines. Comes in color "Sugared Plum" in a full size .12oz which retails for $ 21.50. (Q.A:1)

Your price ( LipBorcheseSugarPlum648 ).....................$ 10.99

Sephora's LIP Gloss Ring (retails for $ 30.+& no longer avail in stores) !
Sephora's beautiful full sized lipstick in shade # 213 Matt ( orange) comes in a ,14 oz tube, sealed.

Your Price ( LipSepho#213Oran659 )...............$ 8.99 SALE ! Now only $ 6.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

Sisley's " Glossy Gloss", is a superbly shiny lip gloss that creates a subtle, lacquered look, with its "Light-catching" particles it creates a mirror-like sheen. Also, it protects and moisturizes lips with sesame extract and emollients. Adds definition and shine to lipstick and lip liner.Comes in colour # 4 a sparkling orangy-bronze in a .22 oz full size tube, unboxed. Retails for $ 43.(Q.A:2)

Your price ( LipSislGlossy687 )................$ 31.99

Sisley's " Glossy Gloss", is a superbly shiny lip gloss that creates a subtle, lacquered look, with its "Light-catching" particles it creates a mirror-like sheen. Also, it protects and moisturizes lips with sesame extract and emollients. Adds definition and shine to lipstick and lip liner.Comes in colour # 3 a sparkling bronze in a .22 oz full size tube, unboxed. Retails for $ 43.(Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipSislGlossy690)................$ 31.99

Tarte's charming  "Supergloss" dual ended lip glosses in "Andie" ( a coral red frost) and "duckie" ( a fushia-pink)each is .1 oz., unboxed ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipTarteglossduo689 )..............................$ 6.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

Urban Decay
Urban Decay's XXX Shine Lip Gloss in colour "Carney" comes  in a .14 oz tube.( 4 ml) ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipUrbanCarney656 ) ..........................$ 6.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

Victoria's Secret
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LORAC's "Lotsa Lip Plumping Lip Gloss " Each tube of gorgeous color is infused with Maxi-Lip, a natural tripeptide that has been shown to visually enhance lips by stimulating collagen production and increasing lip moisture. After 29 days of treatment during testing, test subjects experienced up to a 30 percent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, up to a 60 percent increase in moisture, and up to a 40 percent increase in lip volume - not to mention long lasting color and shine that's irresistible. Comes in color "Babie" ( a warm peachy-pink), in a .19 oz tube sealed packet.This is about just over 1/2 of the Full size retails for $ 18.50( Q.A. 3)

Your price ( LipLORACBabie1612 )................$ 9.25 SALE! Now only $7.99 (+ $ 1.99 S&H)

Guerlain's KissKiss lipstick in colour #570 Rose Impudique (a pretty HOT pink shade). With a name so evocative of all that is fun-loving, sexy, and provocative, Kiss Kiss Lipstick is the perfect choice for every look imaginable.This is a mini GWP .04 oz size ( 1/3 of full size, which retails for $27.+) housed in a faux gold lightweight metal case.(Q.A:1).

Your price ( LipGuerlKissRose1636 ) ............$ 11.99

PHILOSOPHY"S full sized "The Supernatural" their now discontinued Lip Lacquer in a transparent clear gloss: super clear, super clean, super slick & simply superb ! Comes in a .4 oz ( 11.8 ml) tube. ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipPhiloSuper1614 )................$ 12.99

I T Cosmetics
Make-up Designory
Make-up designory's ( Mudshop) full sized lip gloss in colour "Henna" ( a pretty bronze). Comes in a full sized .112 oz mirrored compact, boxed. ( Q.A.:1)

Your Price ( LipGlossMUDHenna1628 ).....................$ 5.99

Sue Devitt STUDIO
Sue Devitt STUDIO's lipstick ,rich with luxurious payoff yet sheer and sexy. The balanced sheer formulation contains moisturizing lip nutrients that soften and keep lips hydrated, and the balanced matte formulation contains finely dispersed pigments that offer optimal color and a velvety matte finish with moisturizing lip nutrients that keep the lips hydrated and healthy. Comes in colour "Roppongi"a matte deep rust colour, full sized, boxed, which retails for $ 20. ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipSUeDevitRopongi1632 ).............$ 14.99

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Stila's charming "it Gloss" Lip gloss in a portable size ( looks to be 3ml+). Comes in colour "sweet" # 08, a lovely pale glitery bronze .( Q.A.:2)

Your price ( LipStilaItSweet1637 )..............$ 6.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

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the BODY Shop
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Some items
may say " not
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OF NOTE, Some items may
say " not for individual sale

" on them.
OF NOTE, Some items may say "
not for individual sale
" on them.
Some items
may say " not
for individual
" on them.
Some items
may say " not
for individual
" on them.
Sue Devitt STUDIO's "Mini Stars" quad 4 lips in colors "Mandi"(rose, coral, gold and bronze) .This sunny palette of lush lip shades makes touch-ups a snap, no matter where you are. Apply single shades on their own or combine several for a shade that's uniquely you! Retails or $ 28.+. Comes in a lovely mirrored compact in .08 oz quantity, full sized.( Q.A:1)

Your price ( lipSuDevitt4Mandi1642 ).................$ 19.99

Dress your lips in lasting color for a simply sensational look. Mally Beauty's wearable lipstick shades are formulated with one of three great finishes. The creamy shade offers rich, pillow-like coverage. Retails for $ 15. Comes in color Pilar Pink in a full size .12 oz .( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipMallyPilar1645 ).......................$ 9.99

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Victoria's Secret "Beauty Rush" Lip Gloss in "Sugar High" . Get delicious shine with shades that taste as good as they look. Comes in full size .46 oz tube.Retails for $7.+( Q.A.:2)

Your price ( LipVSBeautSugar1651 ).................. $ 6.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

Victoria's Secret "Beauty Rush" Lip Gloss in Strawberry Fizz . Get delicious shine with shades that taste as good as they look. Comes in full size .46 oz tube.Retails for $7.+( Q.A.:2)

Your price ( LipVSBeautStrawbFiz1640 ).................. $ 6.99( + $ 1.99 S&H)

Tutti Dolce's " tasty "Mango Sorbetto" lipgloss which comes in a full size 15ml, boxed & retails for $ 10.+ ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipTDMangoSorb1646 )..................$ 7.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

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PRADA's very high end quality full sized mini-tube of colored lip gloss in # 3 peach at .05 oz, 1.5ml) "Shielding lip balm" with SPF 15 ! These retail at 8 for $ 42.+, thus this is a $5+. value, and is not sold individually .Each tube comes in a sealed packet for freshness & purity ! Prada's age fighting shielding balm for the lips offers pure protection against "environmental insults". A pure lip-enhancing tinted balm that provides an instant buffed shine as it hydrates, PLUMPS & smooths lips. ( Q.A.:5)

Your Price ( LipPrada#3Peach623 )................$ 5.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

BORBA's Neutraceuticals Lip Tint is a vanilla-mint flavored lip balm that leverages the positive effects of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients with Borba's exclusive crystalline blend. It gives lips a sheer touch of ready-to-wear color while deeply softening and smoothing on contact. It's engineered with an exclusive Borba hybrid nutraceutical and fiber technology cocktail designed to improve skin texture and tone. Also includes shea butter to penetrate lip surface and provide intensive suppleness and smoothness for troubled lips. Cashmere supplies luxurious softness, cushion, and added protection. Comes in color Luscious Plum Berry.This is the full size .5oz & retails for $ 16.+(Q.A.:1)

Your price ( BorbaLipTint1605 )............$ 13.99

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Sold: Laura Mercier's lovely Lip Glacé in " OPAL". This Lip Gloss is a sheer high shine glaze which adds a luminous finish and a splash of colour, leaving lips looking full and luscious. Lip Glaces are new, high-shine, long-wearing, moisturizing glosses that glam up your lips without going overboard.These shimmery shades have just enough colour to stand on their own if you're not into layering. Feels wonderfully luxe and silky on lips, and has light-reflecting glam. Comes in a .1 oz tube ( 2.8gr) tube.( Q.A.0)

Your price ( LaurMerOPAL2649 ).............$ 10.99

Smashbox's " Limitless Long Wearing Lip Gloss "delivers gorgeous color and shine that lasts up to six hours while protecting your pout with SPF 15. The contoured wand hugs lips for a comfortable one-coat application over bare lips or your favorite lip color. Comes in colour "endless" in a GWP 1.6ml tube.( this is half of full size which retails for $22).(Q.A:1)

Your price (SmashEndlessLip653 )...............$ 9.99

Sövage's Lip Plumper in "Scarlett". This Instant lip plumper immediately improves the appearance of lip color, plumpness, fullness and contour with a non-burning, non-drying, non-chafing formula. Works in minutes and lasts for hours, improves look of upper and lower lip profiles.Helps diminish appearance of lip wrinkles . Comes in a .17 oz ( 5ml) tube, a $ 17.+ value. ( Q.A.:1)

your Price ( LipSovageScarletPlump697 )................$ 14.99

SEPHORA's bautiful Cocktail Lip Gloss ring. Makes a great gift ! this lovely piece of costume jewlry contains a pretty pink shimmer lip gloss when you flip open the mirrored lid. Wear it alone for natural look or over your lipstick for ultra shimmer and shine! Great shade on anyone. The 1" stone looks like a Faux cut-crystal smoky Topaz. The metal ring is a size 6-7. Comes in a velvet-like lining inside a Sephora box . Retails for $ 30.+ at Sephora's ! ( Q.A.:1)

Your Price ( LipSephoraRing869 )................$ 19.99

SULA's "Butterfly Kiss"Lip Balm Comes in Pink. Dazzle with deliciously sweet lips and shimmering shades to create the perfect pout. Comes in a full .15 oz tube ( 4.2 gr) which retails for $ 7.( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( SulaButtKiss639 ).......$ 6.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

Laura Geller's "Lip Stay " a long-lasting lip color and gloss duo. On one side of this slim wand is a lush and creamy lip color clings for hours while on the other, a clear glaze of pure, moist-looking shine imparts a glassy glow. Once the color's in place, simply slick on a topcoat of gleam, as needed, throughout the day. True brilliance! Comes in color"Pout" bronzed caramel & clear, full sized .1oz & retails for $ 13.( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipLGeller2Pount2608 )...............$ 9.99

Go Smile
A great 6pc "luxury Jet set" travel kit consisting of 1 each of "GoSMILE AM/PM Whitening Toothpaste" tubes to maintain your beautiful smile ! Recommended using AM toothpaste in the morning or whenever you desire a stimulating experience and PM toothpaste in the evening or whenever you need a taste of calm in your day.Naturally hydrated silica safely polishes away stains to maintain your white smile. Fortified with the doctor recommended amount of fluoride to prevent decay and strengthen tooth enamel. Contains natural white cranberry extract to help fight gum disease.AM: Lively essential oils of lemon, lime, orange, and mandarin, are infused with uplifting peppermint for a natural morning rush.PM: Soothing essential oils of chamomile and lavender, valerian root, and delicious vanilla make this the ideal relaxing night time therapy.Each tube is 1 oz. .Also included are 2 ampoules of Go Smile Advanced formula B1 , a patented teeth whitening ampoule technology designed as an alternative to in-office whitening. Clinically tested, highly effective, and easy-to-use, it avoids the problems of sensitivity. B1 is named after the whitest natural color. Also included are a travel toothbrush, all inside a handy TSA-approved clear travel clutch! (Q.A:1)

Your price( Gosmile6pTrav889 )...........$ 12.99

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Sephora's Lip Gloss Ring !
Diane Von Furstenberg
From Diane Von Furstenberg's gorgeous "Under the VOlcano Spring 2008 " collection, this is her "Volcano" lipstick , a lovely frosted coral color. Comes in a full size .14oz tube with the DVF logo.( Q.A:1)
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Victoria's Secret "Beauty Rush" Lip Gloss in color "Cherry Bomb" in a .46 oz size. Get delicious shine with shades that taste as good as they look.Retails for $ 7. Comes in .46 oz tube.( Q.A.:2)

Your price ( LipVSBeaut694 ).................. $ 6.99 ( + $ 1.99 S&H)

Stila's " Pocket Palette "Lip Gloss Compact is packed with four popular shades in one . Allows different mix & match & gives exceptional shine . Lips appear plump & more seductive. Comes with a mini lip brush in total quantity of 4g/0.14oz. Shades include soft pink, coral, coppery pink & light caramel. Retails for $ 38.Comes Boxed.( Q.A.:1)

your price ( StilaPocketLipGl2610) ..............$ 29.99

SOLD:SEPHORA's Travel SIZED tube of " Sephora Brillant à Lèvres" Lip Gloss, comes in color Precious Pink, in a 7ml size. ( Q.A.:0)

Your Price ( LipSephorPrecious2620 )..............$ 5.99 (+ $ 1.99 S& H )

The Body Shop's " High Shine "Lip treatment lipgloss in color "Sparkling Gold". This ultra-shiny, sheer tinted, wet-look lip gloss offers intense moisturization & conditioning for the lips. Subtly scented with a passion fruit fragrance.Comes in a 6ml tube( which is aprox 1/2 of the full size) perfect to carry in purse or pocket.( Q.A.:1)

Your price (BodShopSparkGold2622)...............$ 6.99 + $ 1.99 S&H if bought alone

Trish McEvoy
TRISH MCEVOY's great "Essential Pencil "Long-wearing color for lips and cheeksComes in color "Nude" (1) . This is the full size & retails for $ 22.+ ( Q.A.:1)

Your price (TrishEssenPencNude2626 ).......$ 15.99

Stila's charming "Lip Glaze" Lip gloss for lips that get all the attention they deserve, in a portable pen format. Comes in colour "Pinkle Twinkle" # z2, a lovely glitery pink, in a .05, 1.5 ml click/pen format .( retails for $ 22.)( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( LipStilaIPinkTwink2648 )..............$ 12.99

Bain de Terre
This is "Bain de Terre's" charming 6 color lip gloss palette which comes in a great automatic-flip open mirrored palette. Colors are shades of peach & pink & include a sparkly white. Comes with a lip brush. ( Q.A.:1) p>Your price ( BaiTerre6Lipglos2640 )..........$ 14.99
FLIRT's " DRAW ATTENTION™" Lip Pencil is an ultra creamy lip pencil glides on smoothly and easily for defined lips and longer wearing lipcolor. Comes in color # 02 Sugar Plum in a full size .04oz .( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( FlirtliPenPlum1620 ).................$ 10.99

FLIRT's "Plushious" liquid velvet lipcolour is a vibrant gloss that provides ultra shine as it moisturizes lips without a sticky effect. Comes in colour # 16 Deep Crush in a .2oz ( 6ml) tube, a $ 12. value.( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( FlirtPlushDeepCrush621).............$ 11.99 SALE! Now only $ 10.99

CLINIQUE's great High impact lipstick with SPF 15 comes in color " Plum Nude ( #28)( a medium raspberry color),This is a full sized @ .14 oz. tube. ( Q..A: :1)

Your price ( LipClinicPlumNud1621 )........................$ 9.99

Jack Black's "Intense Therapy Lip Balm" with SPF 25 is a conditioning lip balm that protects lips from sun and wind, with soothing effects. With blustery winds and dry indoor air can wreak havoc on a normally soft, kissable pout. The Intense Therapy SPF 25 Lip Balm from Jack Black is a major upgrade from your basic tube of balm. Comes in Natural Mint & Shea butter in a 3gr ( .1oz) tube, boxed, a $ value.( Q.A.:3)

Your price (JackBlakLipSPF1627 )......$ 6.99 + $ 1.99 S&H

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