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MOLTON BROWN's " Rosé Granati Fine Liquid Hand Wash"a rich infusion of Italian rose leaves which leaves the skin soft & refreshed while its natural ingredients contain powerful anti-bacterial properties. A Mild PH balanced anti-bacterial cleanser containing essential oils, which are more gentle than soap & will leave the skin feeling soft & refreshed. Comes in a 30ml ( 1 fl oz ) bottle.( Q.A.:2 )

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Molton Brown of London's "Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod " Bath & Shower Gel (As seen in Allure magazine, September 2010 issue, p62).Feel the flush. Resonating with warm pink pepperpods from the Gulf of Guinea, our brand new ultra feminine bodywash cleanses your skin, helps to protect it from environmental pollutants, and reawakens your energy banks. Spiced aromatic oils of African ginger, patchouli, and Reunion Island pink pepper help to lift your spirits and line your path to paradise. Matching body lotion and bathing milk available. Full size retails for $ 30. THIS is a 30ml ( 1 oz. GWP bottle.( Q.A.:6)

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Out-of-stock:MOLTON BROWN of England 's "Invigorating Suma Ginseng Bath Shower Gel" , the perfect way to start the day !Brazilian Suma Ginseng helps boost circulation and stimulates the energy banks , while  essential oils of Juniper berry, cinnamon & oakmoss & geranium awaken the senses, leaving you refreshed and full of energy. Comes in a 1 fl oz( 30ml)  bottle .(Q.A.:0)

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Molton Brown of London's " Vitalizing A,B + C " Moisture Bath & Shower gel ,the perfect way to start the day !, with a richly moisturizing bath & shower gel containing Vitamins and essential oils which will leave the skin feeling soft , refreshed and luxuriously smooth . Comes in a bottle of 1 fl oz ( 30 ML)(Q.A:5)

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MOLTON BROWN of England 's  Heavenly Gingerlily " Moisture Bath & Shower gel to bathe the senses with exotic  gingerlily. Richly moisturizing oils  will leave the skin feeling soft , refreshed and luxuriously smooth and infused with an intoxicant aroma. Oils of Tamanu and Macadamia nut have been used for their nourishing and moisturizing properties. Comes in a bottle of 50ml, unboxed.(Q.A:1)

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Molton Brown of London's "Enlivening Toko-Yuzu " Bath & Shower Gel . Extracts of oriental toko-yuzu fruit promote a healthy skin tone and give antioxidant protection while oils of mandarin, bitter orange, ginger, and caraway refresh and excite the mood.The rare oriental todo-yuzu fruit originated in China and is used in traditional Japanese bathing rituals. The full size retails for $ 30. + tax. This comes in a 30ml bottle. ( Q.A:2)

Your price ( CTMoltonTokoYuzu375 )...................$ 4.99+ S&H $ 1.99 if bought alone

Molton Brown of London's "Patchouli & Saffron Body Wash " The world's rarest ingredients brought back to London, the home of Molton Brown. This is their story—bottled. Travel back to London via 1973 and indulge in a body wash scented with rich patchouli, saffron, leather, and oudh blends. The way they blend it:Patchouli oil (the scent of the 70s),Modern leather accord,Opulent saffron (rich in antioxidants)..The Full size retails for $ 30. + tax.This comes in a 30ml bottle. ( Q.A.:5)

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Founded in 1973 in the U.K., Molton Brown started life as a hair
salon with a totally natural, no-chemical philosophy and an ethical
hair care line. Early products were hand mixed in the salon from
herbs and plant extracts including nettle, chamomile and rosemary
and were sold in hand filled glass bottles. The company continues
to develop new and adventurous products.
Molton Brown of London's "Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer Body Lotion " to help smooth your body with this flawless blend of pure coco de mer and honey.It is a deeply hydrating, ultra-light formula that instantly melts into the skin leaving it wrapped in a dewy-soft, protective moisture cocoon. Contains Coco de mer - often known as sea coconut, this is a giant palm found only in the Seychelles. Its seed is the largest in nature, takes 10 years to mature and provides intensely hydrating and skin-softening oil. Also with Wild honey - a natural humectant with healing properties, it is also naturally bactericidal.Comes in a 30ml bottle. Full size retails for $ 30. ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( MoltonCocoMerbod360)...............$ 4.99 + S&H $ 1.99 if bought alone

Molton Brown of London's "Sensual Hanaleni Moisture Bath and Shower Gel" Silky, luxurious and aromatic bubbles that are made for sharing. Enriched with warm essential oils of orchid, Madagascan ylang-ylang and egyptian neroli and chinese cinnamon.This is the ( 100ml) 3.3 oz size bottle. ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( CTMoltBHanabigGe316 )............$ 15.99

Bath & Shower
Hand Wash
Out-of-stock:This is Molton Brown's " Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath & Shower Gel" in the bigger size.Washes away the day's stress. By calming and soothing your body and mind, it promotes a deep, peaceful sleep. Natural conditioners to leave the skin smooth and supple. Comes in a 100ml (3.3 oz) bottle ( Q.A.:0)

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