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Natura Bissé of Spain is a very HIGH end line formerly only available at Neiman Marcus , and  Bergdorf Goodman's in NYC, as well as
some high end Spas in the U.S. What started out in Barcelona, Spain in 1979 as a modest collection of five creams has expanded to
include over 250 products within Natura Bissé’s 12 lines  including the top line, "DIAMOND"  specifically formulated for anti aging,as
well as the new "Inhibit" line, which includes the amazing "Inhibit-Tensolift". (see below).Created to complete the skin's regenerative
process, the DIAMOND line is the most recent technology to provide results  never attained until now. A deeply penetrating formula
pampers the skin with innovative, technologically advanced, anti-aging ingredients to provide unique regenerating results. I am a
HUGE fan of this line, because it has given me VISIBLE results, especially the amazing Tensolift !
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SOLD: NATURA BISSE's " Stimul-eye Mask" is a soothing revitalizing fragrance-free eye treatment Visibly reduces appearance of puffiness, dark circles & fatigue. Botanical extracts protect skin from external aggressors Hyaluronic acid hydrates skin & helps retain moisture Wheat proteins add firmness & smoothes away fine dry lines Leaves eye zone velvety smooth fresh & silky. Retails for $ 60. Comes in a full size 30ml/1oz tube.( Q.A.:0)

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Natura Bisse's " NB-Ceuticals" new "Luminous Shield SPF 50"which offers Ultra protection with hyperpigmentation control for all skin types, all year round. An ideal cream for extremely sensitive skin, post-treatment regimes, and other delicate areas, such as scars, or as protection for moments of extensive sun exposure. This hypoallergenic formula incorporates a triple defense system—physical, organic, and biological—for broad-spectrum UV protection, along with natural ingredients that inhibit the formation of melanin and lighten dark spots caused by photo-damage. This extreme protection is presented in a lightweight, water-resistant formula that easily spreads and blends into the skin. For a complete guard against photo-aging, its powerful sun protection system is combined with Beta-glucans to enhance the skins natural defense mechanisms; daisy flower extract, a natural antioxidant, to protect against free radicals; as well as other hydrating and regenerative ingredients. Maximum UVA/UVB defense, especially engineered for sensitive or sun reactive skin. Water resistant and hypoallergenic.The full size ( 75ml) retails for $ 125.This comes in a 10ml tube 9 .3oz). ( Q.A.:1)

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NATURA BISSE's " C+C Vitamin Scrub " Provides effective, smooth, non-aggressive exfoliation. Eliminates impurities and dead cells that suffocate the skin. Protects the skin's lipid barrier. Hydrates and soothes. Enhances the penetration of treatment products applied subsequently. Helps skin recover a healthy glow.The full size retails for $ 65. This comes in a .5oz ( 15ml) tube.( Q.A:3)

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Body Scrub
SOLD: Natura Bisse's great "SPA SPF 15 Hand Silk Cream " with sun protection for softer, silkier hands. You'll applaud Natura Bissé's long-lasting hand cream. Rich in amino acids and allantoin, it moisturizes your skin, restoring its suppleness and promoting the growth of healthy tissue. Just one application of the waterproof formulation protects for hours. Use it several times a day if your hands are extra dry. Be sure to apply it thirty minutes before sun exposure—the SPF 15 will protect your hands from future damage. Comes in a 75ml ( 2.5oz) tube, boxed & retails for $ 37.+ tax. ( Q.A.:0)

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Specially for Sensitive/dry skin
Natura Bisse's "Sensitive Toner" Formulated with botanical extracts, it helps to stabilize at the same pH balance as the skin. Free of fragrance, oil, alcohol, and dyes. Gently removes any surface debris and impurities left behind after cleansing. Soothes, refreshes and hydrates sensitive and delicate skins. Formulated with soothing herbal extracts of chamomile elder flower and green tea extracts.Also great for dry to very dry skin. Comes in a 50ml ( 1.7oz) pump bottle.( Q.A:1)

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Natura Bissé's NEW "Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse " is a luxurious and rich cleansing micro-emulsion that eliminates impurities and every type of makeup, (including waterproof makeup) that softens and illuminates the skin. This exquisite and silky cleanser with sensory properties and a lovely lavender fragrance maintains the skin's protective barrier and increases the skin's resistance, protecting it from environmental aggressors (humidity and pollution). This delicious formulation based on emollient active ingredients derived from natural cane sugar soothes, hydrates, and balances the skin's pH levels, providing instant relief. Pomegranate extract, rich in Ellagic Acid evens skin tone and provides instant luminosity. A complete and refreshing cleansing ritual in just one step that is ideal for eyes and face. A paraben-free formulation. The full size retails for $ 135. Comes in a .5 oz ( 15ml) tube, boxed.(Q.A.:1)

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