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Orlane has been established for over 50 years in France & its exclusive patents have been contributing to their identity
and reputationn as a  highly  respected name in beauty & skincare. Their B 21  Bio Energic's newest products, the
"Jeunesse Program" line promises to respond to a woman over 35 skin's precise needs, as it allows  you to effectively
combat the signs of natural aging. They have also pioneered the  NEW "Hypnotherapy" psychodermic anti-age care line
, at the forefront of modern science! Following extensive research scientist conclude that 80% of problems that affect
the skin's appearance have
psychosomatic causes. Orlane, the specialist in anti-age care has developed the FIRST
psychodermic anti-aging treatment , a whole NEW Anti-aging treatment that frees the skin from emotional shocks and
establishes the skin's emotional balance! This specific  line is carried exclusively by Neiman Marcus in the U.S .
Orlane's  B21 "Pure Jeunesse soin Oxygénant restructurant" their Oxygenating & Restructuring Care for the face.Pure Jeunesse is an exceptional beauty treatment which helps the skin maintain its respiratory rhythm and fortifies the cells. The result: your skin remains youthful and gets a second wind. Apply to the face morning and evening, avoiding the eye area. The full size ( 50 ML) retails for $ 165. + Tax. You will receive  a .11 oz tube ( 3.5 ml) boxed.( a $ 11.55 value).(Q.A.: 3 )

Your price. ( heOrlaPJOx089 )...................$6.99

Orlane's amazing B 21  Bio Energic " L'Extrait  Antirides Extrême " their extreme line reducing extract. Hypo-allergenic, it is an  exceptionally effective line reducing face care, to be used as a day cream, it works like an "iron' to smooth out the face. Also contains "optical" receptors  that , by modifying the path of light , reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It begins to show an effect after the very first application. Dual anti- Wrinkle Action stimulates cell energy and restores the skin's defense mechanism to protect against wrinkles. Visible signs of aging are considerably diminished with continued use . Full 1 oz(30ml) retails for $200+.  Comes in a .11 oz tube ( 3.5 ml), boxed.( a $ 23,+ value) (Q.A.:1)

Your price ( OrlaExtrXtrac96 )..............$ 14.99

Orlane's B21 Extreme Line Reducing  Lip Care ,to pProtect your fragile lip area from the effects of time.Targeted, exceptionally effective care for the lip contour With multi-active formula & "rejuvenating" properties,Smoothes the lip contour, Reduces fine lines,Helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and tiny vertical lines.Hydrates, softens, and protects the lips and lip contour.Enhances fullness and smoothness, redefining a beautiful pout. Helps stop lipstick from feathering.(apply under lipstick, to reduce " bleeding").Comes in a 3ml ( .1oz )tube, boxed, a $ 14.+ value. The full 15ml/.5oz size retails for $ 70. ( Q.A.:3)

)Your price ( OrlanLipcare191 ) ..........................$ 10.99

Orlane's  NEW B21 "Pure Jeunesse " Pure Youth serum, a powerful treatment with specifictargeted ingredients to replenish the skin from within. Contains Mulberry extract to help eliminate clogging toxins, Dipeptides to reduce inflammation and protect the skin against thermal shock, Soy protein Hudrolysate to help stimulate cellular respiration, chestnut extract to help maintain skin hydration, Padian Pavonica to increase available calcium within the cells and control their structure. As a result, the skin regains its dense, youthful and restructured appearance. The full 30 ml size retails for $ will receive a 3ml ( .1 oz) tube, boxed. ( a $ 22.50 value!).(Q.A.:7)

Your Price.( OrlanPJYS090 ).................................$ 15.99

Taking care of your skin now with anti-aging products, eye
creams, exfoliants, masks, HAND & body creams and wrinkle
reducers will guarantee the
beauty of your skin for LIFE !
Orlane's  NEW B21 "Pure Jeunesse Yeux " Pure Youth for EYE  concentrate, a powerful treatment with specific targeted ingredients to replenish the eye contour   skin from within and imparts a more youthful look. Protects the thin, delicate skin from damaging environmental factors that accelerate aging.Helps to diminish puffiness and dark circles. Contains dipeptides to reduce inflammation and protect the eye area against thermal shock . Stimulates the elimination of toxins and helps to reinforce the structure of capillary vessels. Seaweed extract stimulates the absorption of oxygen and immediately opens the eyes.As a result, the skin regains its dense, youthful and restructured appearance. The full 15 ml size retails for $125. you will receive a 3ml ( .1 oz) tube, a $ 25. value. (Q.A.:2)

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Orlane's   " Soin Fermeté Haute Définition" Their High definition Visible  Firming Care with unique Fermness® complex . An Intensive Firming Treatmentdesigned to preserve the youthfulness & firmness of the facial features and counteract all levels of skin slackening along with the heaviness that affects facial contours.This Anti-Aging Cream promises to neutralize the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdownre as it rebuilds skin's underlying support for a firmer,re-energized, more youthful and radiant skin.The full-size at  1.7 oz retails for $165 + tax, you will receive a .11 oz ( 3.5 ml) tube, boxed. ( a $ 11.55 value).(Q.A.:6)

Your price( heOrHiDc091 ) ........................................$ 6.99

Sold Out: ORLANE's wonderful B 21 " Soin Super Raffermissant" their  Intensive Firming care for the day, with visible effects on the facial contours . This serum will fight sagging and give skin a "lift" with this intensive treatment. It promises to deliver renewed tone, density, and energy. A natural "lifting" treatment for a firmer contoured face to Visibly firm and tighten the skin. Redefines contours for a younger-looking face.The full-size at 1.7oz  retails for $150. You will receive a .11 oz ( 3.5 ml) tube, boxed.( a $ 10.50 value).(Q.A.:0)

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Orlane's NEW B21 "Anti-Wrinkle Self Tanner for the Face & Body SPF 8" is a dual-purpose self-tanning lotion that combines high-performance skin protection with the perfect color of a self-tanning product. A genuine anti-wrinkle treatment designed for sun exposure. Provides a natural-looking tan without the sun. Preserves the skin's youthful appearance. Full size retails for $ 100. + tax. You will receive a .11 oz ( 3.5 ml) tube, boxed.( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( OrlaneSelfTan441 )....................$ 7.99

Orlane's "Absolute Skin Recovery Repairing Night" Cream, the first Orlane Night Cream—from the forefront of anti-aging research, an absolute skin repair treatment that activates cellular self-repair mechanisms during the night, to erase the signs of aging and fatigue, leaving your skin renewed and rebuilt.The full 50ml retails for $ 300.This comes in a 3.5ml tube, boxed.( a $ 21. value) ( Q.A.:6)

Your price ( OrlanAbsRepairNight1084) .......................$ 14.99

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Orlane's B21 Extreme Line Reducing  Lip Care ,to protect your fragile lip area from the effects of time.Targeted, exceptionally effective care for the lip contour With multi-active formula and rejuvenating properties.Smoothes the lip contour, reduces fine lines,helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and tiny vertical lines.Hydrates, softens, and protects the lips and lip contour. Enhances fullness and smoothness, redefining a beautiful pout. Helps stop lipstick from feathering.(apply under lipstick, to reduce " bleeding").Comes in a 3ml ( .1oz) pump vial. (The full 15ml/.5oz retails for $ 75.) ( Q.A.:1).

)Your price ( OrlanLipcarePump88 ) ..........................$ 13.99

Orlane's "Super Hydrating Serum"A new product with innovating ingredients that produce immediate results.The boost of moisture rehydrates the skin by directly acting on and promoting its natural hydrating mechanisms.Based on the latest research on hyaluronic acid, this serum activates the key moisture receptor, CD44, for the very first time. To trap water like a sponge, hyaluronic acid must bind this membrane receptor, which is located on the surface of keratinocytes.Optimizes the availability of water by encouraging aquaporins, which are channels that conduct water to the epidermis—skin is immersed in a moisture bath. he full 1 oz retails for $ 190.This comes in a 3ml tube boxed, a $ 19.value ! ( Q.A:3 )

Your price ( OrlanSupHydraSerum1187 )................ $ 14.99

Sun Care
Eye & Lip Care
Orlane's NEW B21 "Absolute Skin Recovery Serum" to relax stressed skin by boosting cellular activity with this formula's specific energizing substances. Helps the skin recuperate its energy and reactivate its metabolic life rhythm. Has a triple action: purifies, energizes, and smoothes.Contains Sage, basil, ylang ylang, hops, and balm to put skin in a state of optimum relaxation. See relaxed, toned and supple skin in only three weeks.Full size 30ml ( 1-ounce) retails for $ 190. This is a 3.5ml tube,boxed. ( a $ 22.+ value)(Q.A.:1)

Your price ( OrlanAbSkinRecovery192 ) ..............$17.99

Orlane's great "Sérum Fermeté Intense" their "Intensive Firming Care" which helps attack lack of elasticity with an intense lifting and firming treatment. Fights sagging to give the skin renewed tone, density, and energy on contact. Tightens the features with Liftiline®, a wheat protein-based ingredient.Reinforces the support tissue with Fermiskin®.Refines facial contours ensures firmer, tighter skin. Skin appears visibly younger in just a few days.The full size ( 30ml) retails for $ 195.+. This comes in a 3ml (.1oz) tube boxed, a $19.50 value.( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( OrlanIntenFirmCare94 )..................$ 15.99

Orlane's NEW B21 "Anti-Wrinkle After-Sun Balm for the Face"Protects skin after you come in out of the sun.Re-energizes sun-damaged skin. Traps free radicals and provides superior protection for the cells, skin proteins, DNA and cell membranes. Stimulates cellular energy while regenerating, firming and moisturizing. Soothes and revitalizes the skin to protect against the formation of lines and wrinkles to give the face a healthy glow and a long-lasting, attractive tan and helps prevent peeling.The full size retails for $ 100. This comes in a 3.5ml (.11oz) tube, boxed.( Q.A.:2)

Your price ( OrlaWrAfterSun95 )..................$ 6.99

Orlane's great "Super Moisturizing Concentrate" for day & night is a genuine intensive moisturizing and energizing formula that works all day to restore skin's optimal moisture balance. Skin regains its supple, satin-smooth feel. Use in morning and/or night.The full size retails for $ 190. This is a 3.5ml tube, boxed .( Q.A:1)

Your price ( OrlanSupMoistCon93)..............$ 12.99

Orlane's great "Absolute Skin Recovery Care Polyactive Formula" at the forefront of anti-aging research, an absolute skin repair treatment that activates cellular self-repair mechanisms during the night, to erase the signs of aging and fatigue, leaving your skin renewed and rebuilt. The full size retails for $ 150. This is a 3.5ml tube, boxed .( Q.A:1)

Your price ( OrlAbsRecovcar192)...............$ 10.99

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Pure Youth
Orlane's great " Absolute Skin Recovery Cleansing Serum Eyes " for dual-action stress relief and eye cleanser. Promotes the elimination of all signs of fatigue and helps prevent the signs of irritation and swelling, even in sensitive eyes. Stimulates surface microcirculation and helps combat free radicals with white tea extract. Soothes and softens skin with calendula and rose extract. Purifies and brightens with ginkgo biloba. Removes make-up and shapes the lashes without irritating eyes. Helps fade dark circles, puffiness, and the effects of pollution. Comes in a full-sized 100ml (3.3oz) pump bottle, which retails for $50.00.( Q.A:1)

Your price ( OrlanAbsEyeCleans97 )...............$ 39.99

Body Care
Orlane's "Body Renewal Care " is a treatment lotion that contains skin revitalizing beta-acid and B21 Bio-Energic complex. It helps remove dulling dead skin cells so your younger cells can show through. Skin has a new younger looking luster. The full size retails for $ 100. Comes in a 7ml/0.23oz tube, boxed.( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( OrlBodyRenew129 )..........$ 2.99

Anagenèse 25+
Orlane's "Anagenèse 25+ First Time-Fighting care" Aging begins to settle in beginning at age 25 and becomes visible towards age 35-40. By effectively fighting against invisible signs of aging, you can delay the transformation of the skin. Based on the science of Cellular Growth Factors, Anagenese 25+ is a source of continued radiance and youthfulness. This exceptional care product combats the appearance of signs of aging. Its two pro-cellular growth factors use crinopexy—which traps, protects, and transports these growth factors to their site of action increasing their effectiveness—to activate the production of collagen, encourage cell renewal, and revive the skin's radiance. An anti-free radical care with Vitamins A and E, bio-marine complex, trace elements, and minerals, this fine and luscious cream moisturizes, smoothes, and actively protects the skin. The skin's youthfulness is prolonged. Fine lines are softened. The complexion regains its radiance. The full 50ml retails for $ 100. This is a 3.5ml (.11oz) tube, boxed.( Q.A.:1)

Your price (OrlAnagen98 ).............. $ 6.99

Orlane's "Refining Leg Care " helps to sculpt your legs with this innovative cream ! Re-sculpts and redefines to reveal lovely legs. Luminous pigments hide small imperfections—legs appear slimmer and more defined. Golden chamomile, silicone, and arginine diminish the "orange peel" effect of cellulite and work to slim and purify. Tightens loosened skin on the knees. The full size retails for $ 85. This comes in a small 7ml tube, boxed. ( Q.A.:1)

Your price ( OrlanRefLeg193 )...........................$ 2.99

Orlane's " Ultra Light Cream" offers maximum protection for the day,against skin aging and helps prevent dehydation. Helps and prevents the formation of wrinkles and well protected, the skin keeps its tone and freshness. Its emulsion texture makes it a perfect makeup base. The full size retails for $ 110. This comes in a 3.5ml ( .11oz) tube, boxed.( Q.A.:2)

Your price ( OrlanUltraLite160 )..........$ 6.99

Orlane's " Oligo Vit-A-Min Cooling Eye Balm " conceived especially for highly sensitive skin,helps to keep eyes looking young and sparkling. The eye contour care for skin free from dark circles and puffiness. Like a breath of vitality and freshness, this ultra gentle skincare enriched with vitamins, trace elements and amino acids replenishes the most deficient skin to give a flawless, smooth eye contour. A skincare with a very comprehensive formula, this ultra-gentle eye cream for highly sensitive, allergic, and fragile eye areas. Ideal for morning and nighttime useacontains a refreshing smoothing texture. The full size retails for $ 75. This comes in a 3l( .1oz) tube, boxed, a $ 15. value.( Q.A.:2 )

Your price ( OrlanOligCoolEye135 )............$ 12.99

Orlane's new "Thermo Lift Firming Care" their Thermo Active Firming Cream is a skincare product specially dedicated to all women who notice a loss of firmness and density in their face. Inspired by the latest esthetic dermatology techniques, this is a reshaping, densifying and "lifting" care product that imitates lipofilling and thermal skin tightening. It also reduces dark spots. The full 50 ml retails for $ 250. This is a 7.5ml ( .25 oz) tub, boxed, a $ 37.50 value.( Q.A.:2)

Your Price ( OrlanThermoLift99)..........$ 36.99 SALE! Now only $ 32.99

Orlane's "Firming Neck and Décolleté Serum "Recover the tone and suppleness of this most feminine area, especially susceptible to the signs of aging. This serum lifts and tightens slackened neck area, fights against free radicals, and smoothes, tightens, and restructures the epidermis. It absorbs rapidly without staining or stickiness while the emulsion-gel texture cools and protects. Specially formulated for the neck and decolleté. The full 50ml size retails for $ 115. This comes in a 15 ml (.5oz) tube, a $ 34.50 value. ( Q.A.:1)

Your Price ( OrlanFirmNeck87 )..............$ 33.99 Sale ! Now only $ 31.99