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The LATEST in wrinkle fighting, aside from PREVENTION ,( stay out of the sun or else use a HIGH
number sunblock AND a brimmed hat !) : Use moisturizers & treatments which stimulate Collagen
production and Prevent skin-cell breakdown. Retinoids have been proven to increase collagen
production. You need a skincare regime rich in anti oxidants, to help neutralized free radicals!
Prada Eau de Parfum !
Prada's wonderful CLASSIC " Prada" Eau de Parfum,a fragrance that re-explores the spirit of amber in four characteristic ways, each based on one ancestral ingredient:Pure sandalwood oil from India, addictive patchouli leaves from Indonesia, precious labdanum resin from France and  benzoin from Siam. Comes  in a 50 ml ( 1.7 oz) Spray bottle , boxed.which retails for $ 80.+. +.

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PRADA's very high end quality full sized mini-tube of colored lip gloss in # 3 a lustrous soft peach at .05 oz, (1.5ml) "Shielding lip balm" with SPF 15 ! These retail at 8 for $ 40., thus this is a $5+. value, and is not sold individually . Each tube comes in a sealed packet for freshness & purity and is good for many applications ! Prada's age fighting shielding balm for the lips offers pure protection against "environmental insults". A pure lip-enhancing tinted balm that provides an instant buffed shine as it hydrates, PLUMPS & smooths lips. ( Q.A.:5)

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PRADA's very high end quality " Exfoliating Body Scrub" for dull, flaky skin , this potent resurfacing treatment will visibly re-texturize skin. Contains "beads" to smooth skin surface while salicyclic acid works sub-surface to visibly improve texture.Comes in a .35oz ( 10ml) tube , sealed.(Q.A:1)

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PRADA's wonderful " PURIFYING MILK FOR FACE" a gentle cleanser that is ideal for dry skin and removes facial makeup and cleanses and softens skin. A cultivated blend of phytostimulants cleanses skin of makeup, impurities and hard water residual. Olive lipids help deliver active phytostimulants to the skin's subsurface and work to protect the natural moisture balance. Vitamin E leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. How to use: On dry skin, massage Purifying Milk onto the face and eyes with fingertips. Tissue or rinse off. Follow with toner and/or moisturizer.Comes in a full sized 50ml ( 1.7oz) bottle, which retails for $35.+( Q.A:1)

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PRADA's great "Reviving Mask/Face " which provides a maximum dose of vitamins, including retinol researched to enhance skinís natural collagen and elastin production. Uplifting and smootihing. Quickly soften lines, increase elasticity, and renew skin's glow with Reviving Mask/Face. Ideal to combat Visible signs of aging. This is a highly concentrated blend of vitamins A, C, E, and H helps stimulate natural collagen production to activate skin rejuvenation. Contains Soy, known to help smooth the skin's epidermal layer, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase suppleness. The 1.6 oz retails for $85.This comes in a 50ml full size bottle. ( Q.A:1)

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