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Conceived by Dr. Gregory Brown , Re Vive 's excellent high end line of products is currently only available at Neiman Marcus, as
well as Saks and a few,limited High end department stores. ReVive creator Dr. Gregory B .Brown , a renowned plastic surgeon
whose patented skincare  system with Nobel Prize winning technology brings you fast, visible results, without a prescription !
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Ré Vive's " Arrête Booster C ", a night treatment serum with a UNIQUE Vitamin C healing formula containing potent antioxidants in a non-hydrous cream base that works for up to twelve hours, maximizing the benefits of vitamin C. Ré Vive has invented a protective silicone "Force-field" that keeps Vitamin C alive and stable for up to 12 hours. This unrivaled delivery system acts like millions of atom-sized, hermetically sealed mini jars surrounding each Vitamin C molecule.This super-booster also plumps, firms, and quickly repairs damaged skin, premature wrinkling , dark and/or blotchy spots and produces noticeable improvement in only ten days.Suitable for Normal to dry skin.Ideal for Uneven complexions AND Premature dark spots. Apply directly on spots or use sparingly over the entire face at night before moisturizer.The full 15 ml (.5oz) size retails for $ 300. + tax. This is a 6ml ( .2 oz) pump vial, a $ 120. value.(Q.A.:3)

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Ré Vive's "Serum Prôtectif "Turbo-charged protection from pollution and other environmental impurities.This featherlight formula evens out skin tone with SOD (the most powerful antioxidant known), EGF, and vitamin E. Purifies skin, helping prevent breakouts.Suitable for all skin types, and ideal for oily and acne-prone skin.comes in a 6ml (.2oz) pump vial . The full 1oz ( 30ml ) retails for $ 175. This is a $ 35. value.( Q.A.:1)

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ReVive's " Intensité Moisture Serum Extreme" a potent hydrating serum that floods skin with moisture for instant and long-term relief.A unique hydration system of advanced humectants helps reprogram the skin to make its own natural moisture for a continuous plumping effect that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our exclusive Hydrolipid Complex seals the area between cells to lock in moisture and prevent transepidermal water loss, while revolutionary EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor dramatically increases skin cell renewal. Skin's barrier is strengthened and base moisture levels are boosted, leaving skin soft, supple, and dewy with the legendary ReVive glow. How to use: Apply morning and night to freshly cleansed skin. Follow with ReVive moisturizer.The full 1 oz retails for $ 350. This is a .2 oz(6ml) pump vial.( a $ 70. value)( Q.A:3)

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Re Vive's excellent " Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream "Intense repair that won't irritate even the most sensitive, fragile skin.Brings immediate improvement to sun-damaged and prematurely aged skin.Turns over top layers of dry skin to let under-layers of healthy skin bloom with EGF, Epidermal Growth Factor, a naturally occuring protein molecule whose discovery was rewarded with a 1986 Nobel Prize.Heals post-operative, recently lasered, and chemically healed skin up to 40% faster.THe full 2 oz retails for $ 195. This is a .25oz( 7ml) a $24.+ value ! ( Q.A:1)

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Out-of-stock: Ré Vive's NEW " Masque de Glaise" a deep, cleansing facial CLAY mask that firms, hydrates and rejuvenates lifeless skin by lifting impurities and toxins from beneath the surface layers.With a hint of limestone-rich Kentucky mud, this masque restores skin's own landscape to unveil instant clarity and to help your skin perform like never before. Use once or twice weekly for deep cleansing and hydration. Apply masque on freshly washed skin,leave on for 15-20 minutes until the masque hardens.The full 5 oz retails for $ 145.+tax. This is a 1 oz tub,( 30ml) a $ 29. value. ( Q.A:0)

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Ré Vive's NEW "Pore Correctif Repair Serum " is a multi-action repair serum which addresses pores instantly and long-term, from the top layer of the skin to deep within the surface. The innovative Pore Repair Complex mimics healthy, younger cells by encouraging skin cells to flatten when they rise to the surface for desquamation. The result: pore appears smaller and skin has an improved, younger-looking texture and even tone. Results: Light refracting ingredients reduce the visible size of existing pores.This formula improves the look of uneven tone and texture for radiant skin with dramatically improved clarity. This powerful retexturizer addresses pores from the top layer of the skin to deep within the surface, reducing the visible size of existing pores. Improves firmness and elasticity for skin that looks and feels firmer and more resilient. Skin is smooth, soft, younger looking and illuminated with the ReVive glow. The full 30ml size retails for $225. This comes in a 5ml ( .16oz) pump vial, carded.( Q.A.:2)

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