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Introducing Care by Stella McCartney, a unique luxury line of certified organic skincare, formulated with
100 percent organic active ingredients and zero percent petrochemicals or silicones. Inspired by Stella's
personal philosophies, clear vegetarian principles, and commitment to help protect the environment,
Care by Stella McCartney, is a unique range of ethical and effective skincare products that combines the
ultimate in pampering and nature to give your skin everything it needs, and nothing it doesn't.
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SOLD OUT: From Stella McCartney's new CARE line "Radiance+Youth Elixir " 100% organic. This cool serum tailors the action of 5 Benefits Moisturiser to your individual radiance needs. With a complex of red, pink, and green tea, this elixir stimulates, energizes, and protects against free radicals with polyphenols and vitamin C. The full size ( 1 oz ) retails for $64.+ This comes in a 5ml(.16oz) pump vial. ( Q.A:0)

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SOLD OUT: From Stella McCartney's new CARE line "5 Benefits Moisturising Cream "This facial cream with major benefits, this is a sumptuous moisturizer which enlists five mega-potent organic extracts to maximize your skin's hydration, protection, nutrition, radiance, and firmness. Provides ultimate hydration, protection, nutrition, radiance, and firmness as it protects the skin from exposure to the environment, leaving it firm, fresh, and radiant. The full size retails for $ 76.+tax . This comes in a 5ml pump mini bottle. ( Q.A:0)

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SOLD OUT: Stella McCartney's CARE "Nourishing Night & Day Cream' A deeply moisturizing cream for delicate, dry, or environmentally damaged skin.This rich and luxurious cream for night and day offers high protection against environmental conditions and micro-organisms, formulated with a blend of vegetable extracts to provide a natural, protective layer and to repair damaged skin. Cupuacu butter and blackcurrant buds, rich in trace elements and vitamins, nourish and sooth the skin while Brasil Nut oil assists in anti-aging. The full 50ml retails for $ 80. This comes in a 5ml pump vial. ( Q.A:0)

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Out of stock: Stella McCartney's CARE " Calming+ Soothing Elixir "which tailors the action of 5 Benefits Moisturising Cream or Fluid, to comfort and soothe skin. A complex of chamomile, arnica, and licorice, rich in polyphenols and compound lipids, gently soothe and cushion the skin. The full 1 oz retails for $ 64. This is a 5ml pump vial . ( Q.A:0)

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