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Trish Mc Evoy is a former makeup artist,and has now become a  high end beauty & fashion guru.
Married 25 yrs to a Dermatologist, Trish  McEvoy developed her own line over two decades ago, and
started selling it in better department stores and specialty boutiques about 13 years ago. Now she
also has established, with a famous N.Y. dermatologist, Dr. Sherman, a "Sherman/Trish McEvoy
Skincare Center" on 5th avenue, in NY City. Trish McEvoy beauty products are only available in
selected High End department stores, such as Bregdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom.
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The LATEST in wrinkle fighting, aside from PREVENTION ,( stay out of the sun or else use a HIGH number sunblock AND a
brimmed hat !) (My motto:: if it's daylight, i need a SUNSCREEN !) : Use moisturizers & treatments which
stimulate Collagen
and Prevent skin-cell breakdown. Retinoids have been proven to increase collagen production. You need a
skincare regime rich in anti oxidants, to help neutralized free radicals!
Trish McEvoy's " Even Skin Face Primer"a revolutionary product which creates a seamless, even toned finish that allows your skin to look vibrant and feel silky smooth !. It contains light-reflecting properties creating a smooth invisible layer as it prepares and protects the skin enabling your foundation to give you that "just applied" look. Oil-free · Adds longevity to foundation · Can be used instead of moisturizer for normal-to-oily skin . Full size retails for $ 55.Comes in a .5 oz( 15ml)tube.( Q.A: 1)

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One of THE MOST IMPORTANT things you can do to keep your skin beautiful is
THOROUGHLY Cleanse AND Moisturize it  before Bed time!
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For Sensitive/dry Skin
TRISH MCEVOY's  GENTLE CLEANSING Wash: This gentle facial cleanser removes makeup and enviromental debris, and protects skin's essential moisture, leaving skin calm,supple and comfortably conditioned.Formulated by leading dermatologists for sensitive skin. This product is awsome and is worth trying. The full size( 6.8oz.) retails for $55.00, you will receive a 15 ml ( .5 oz) tube. Great for travel.( Q.A:1)

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BLUSH & Foundation
This is TRISH MCEVOY's great "Lip Liner" pencil, a long-wearing color for lips .Comes in color "Deep Nude" (# 20). This is a GWP size, aprox 1/2 of full size. ( Q.A.:2)

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Available in "cream" colour, Trish McEvoy's "Treatment Foundation SPF 15" with UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, to Enhance, Restore, & Protect. This is an all-day, stay-true, buildable, vitamin-enriched marriage of color and skin care. Conceal imperfections while simultaneously coming to skin's future defense. Weightless color banishes uneven tone and fine lines, while dual-action peptides, green tea, SPF and powerful antioxidants replenish, rejuvenate and prevent. Treatment starts immediately to create a seamless complexion free of irregularities and full of life. Dermatologist-tested. Oil-free. comes in colour "Cream" .The full 30ml retails for $ 75. Comes in a 5 ml size, carded, a $ 12.59 value.( Q.A:2)

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TRISH MCEVOY's great "Essential Pencil "Long-wearing color for lips and cheeksComes in color "Nude" (1) . This is the full size & retails for $ 22.+ ( Q.A.:1)

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Trish MCEVOY’s "glistening gloss" imparts remarkable color and opulent, ultra-flattering shine. The smooth, moisture-rich formula leaves lips sublimely soft, luminous.The full size retails for $ 25. This is a GWP tube ( aprox. 1/2 of full size) & comes in color "Simply Glamourous". ( Q.A.:1)

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Trish MCEVOY’s "Lash Enhancer,Nighttime Conditioning Treatment"The key ingredient in Lash Enhancer is SymPeptide™, a powerful protein complex that strengthens and thickens the eyelashes, enhancing lashes' natural beauty and the overall appearance of the eyes. SymPeptide™ supports the newest lash treatment technology for naturally beautiful, truly plentiful eyelashes. Thicker and Healthier Lashes After 2 Weeks: Efficacy studies have shown that with daily use Lash Enhancer results in a dramatic improvement in the appearance of eyelashes.After 14 days : 46.26%,After 28 days:66.39%, After 42 days: 72.29%. Helps to Condition. Strengthen. Maximize. Just a single nightly application of Lash Enhancer Nighttime Conditioning Treatment will promote the stronger, fuller, healthier lashes of your dreams. In just 2 weeks of daily use, can you experience as much as a 25% increase in volume. A few quick seconds each night will put you on the road to fuller lashes.and it's also a Brow Bonus: Lash Enhancer gives you the added benefit of promoting brow fullness. Apply where brows are sparse.The full size ( 4ml) retails for $ 125. This comes in a Deluxe 1ml Travel-Size (.034oz).tube, boxed.( Q.A:1)

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A 5pc Giftset Eye-dea incl. a Lash
Enhancer,+Night time Conditioning Treatment!
Trish MCEVOY’s "Finish Line Eye" shadow transformer. A drop or 2 of this transparent waterproofing elixir quickly and easily converts powdered eye shadows and definers into liquid eyeliner and seals the line to make it last.A high-performing choice for wedding eye-makeup application, it can be used to seal eye shadow on the eye and works well with all of Trish's powdered eye color formulas.To use, pour one or two drops into the bottle cap, dampen eyeliner brush in liquid, then fill brush with color, stroking along the outer edge of pressed eye shadow. This is the full size, 8ml (.27oz)which retails for $ 24. ( Q.A.:1)

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