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Jul 8/05
Loved ALL the stuff. Well packed & quick to ship. The Sisleya is GREAT ! ( looks & feels PERFECTLY fresh). Makes my skin GLOW ! Will be
back for more stuff !!!
K im M J, Vancouver, WA
July 15.
Wow ! quick shipping & well packaged. Just as expected, great  Ojon Shampoo & Conditioner ! Thanks...will be back !
Carol  G. MS 39401
July 28, I absolutely love these products....They smell terrific and do wonders for your hair..I have literally every product made and this one is
the BEST....Try it for yourself...I love it all!
Melinda F, TN
Aug 2. Received the products, as described. very promptly & well packed.  will be back for more! Thanks Helene !
Christine B., IL 62034
August 9/05 re: Ojon Haircare,
I absolutely love these products!  They smell delicious and work wonders.  Especially for dry hair I think.  Very happy customer.  I highly
recommend this seller and this product.  FAST Shipping!
Mary F. , Franklin 37064
Aug 16/05
Received my Dermafill in a very timely manner. Excellent product ! Thanks for good e-mails !
Denise M , Wisconsin
Aug 19
This Ojon is AMAZING . Thanks for quick & trouble free shipping to Canada.
Nicole B, Laval, Canada
Aug 27-Just wanted to tell you it was a pleasure doing business with you.  I have never purchased a product from someone as kind or as
respondent as you.  I only wish I would have bought my Ojon Hair treatment from you also but I just recently found out about your website.  
Only because you had the best price as I was searching for the shampoo and conditioner Luckily I got the same price you were selling it for
but you are definitely a faster shipper for FREE.  You can count on me to coming back. THANKS -
Nathalie T. , NY 13603
Aug 30-
What beautiful, artistic work you do. I am THRILLED about this new OOAk for my Angelina ( Tyler Wentworth's friend, by  Robert Tonner ). It
must take hours to do such detailed work & beading.Hats off to you....Will be back for more. !!
Kathy H. TX
Aug 31
Really love my La Mer & particularly appreciate all your efforts. Also thanks for will give me a chance to try the Ojon I;ve heard so
much about!
Diane.C. CA 92505
Sept 4
Hi, I got my order yesterday. Thanks for the super fast delivery. I am wanting to buy more Ojon in the future & will definitely buy from you !
K.aren P. Kentucky
Sept 6   ( re AWAKE by Kosé)
I am looking forward to trying it and will use your site often.  Your updates and interaction are a very refreshing change.
Millie.S. WY
Sept 9
Great Ojon Serum ! Thanks for quick shipping!
Mel, ( a repeat customer) from TN
Sept 14
Thanks for quick shipping of La Mer to Japan. Smooth transactiion & LOVE the products!
Mei L. Japan
Sept 10
recently received my Ojon Hair Treatment. Can't say enough about how great it is ! Will be back for more!
Cheryl G, AL 35402
Sep 20
thank you for your prompt service! i recieved my club monaco  lip gloss in the shade called "sugar" i  absolutely love this lip gloss !
Shirley M, MI 48038
Sep 25
I am AMAZED at these Ojon hair products...they really WORK ! Thanks for the x'tras AND the quick shipping...I know where to shop for Ojon
from now on!
Linda L .TX
Oct 5
Quick shipping....LOVE that Acqua di Parma !
Kelly.M. CA 94025
Oct 12
AMAZING workmanship on this OOAK. Just beautiful fabric and the hand beading is just precious!LOVE it...will be back for more for my Tylers
& Sydneys, etc.
Debbie C. Kansas
Oct 15
Thanks so much for the quick shipment & thanks for sending my daughter her gift quickly too!We have both become HUGE fans of Ojon !
Cathy B, VA 23508
Oct 18
Wow Quick shipping to TX. LOVE my Discovery Kit ! Great stuff for hair!
Anna .P. Grand Prairie , TX
Oct 18
Thanks so much for the Orlane plus the bonuses. Great stuff & much appreciated! will b back!
Bernadette S, VA
Oct 26
Thanks for quick shipping my La Mer order & thanks for xtras...I WILL be back !
Tara M, OH
Oct 23,
I'd been looking for that YSL & soi glad to have found it on your beautiful website ( I look at them all & yours is so nice & easy to
comprehend!!) Thanks for fast shipping & bonus.
Rita .L.O. , AK
Oct 27
Received my La Prairie order delivered to Australia.Thank you. I also loved the OJON samples you sent me. I will definitely order them in the
future.Thanks very much for including them. It’s the best haircare products I have ever used !!!
Caroline G, Melbourne, Australia
Nov 1/05
Thanks for the parcel,it arrived yesterday,( to the U.K.) you've made a pregnant lady very happy,product is my only vice now!
Jane V, Tottington, U.K.
Nov 1/ 05
Thanks for the Joey. Very prompt service !
Janet.K., PA 18411
Nov 3/05
Thrilled with my discounted Dermafill Purchases. And Thanks for all the extras!
Michelle .T. Houston TX
Nov 11/05
La Mer is THE best. Thanks for quick shipping + Ojon samples!
Susan G, NM 87111
Nov 8/05
Thanks so much for combining my purchase with your ebay have GREAT stuff on your site, and really affordable....I'm also
impressed with quick shipping! I will b back !
Amy L. El Paso NM
Nov 14
You have some great prices on Darphin, which I LOVE, Thanks also for Ojon samples, that is AMAZING stuff !
Doreen.J. China, MI
Nov 21,
GREAT Prices, WONDERFUL selection of merchandise. Clever Gift Ideas, NICE person to deal with & good communication PLUS reasonable
shipping for non-residents! Thanks a million!
Martha M, Missisauga, Canada
Nov 29
received my La Prairie order & Ojon yesterday. Thank you so much for including the Bobby Brown lip gloss.I really appreciate it.I look forward
to my next purchase.Thanks again
Carol G, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA  ( a repeat customer)
Nov 30
Jist got my FEKKAI, awsome stuff. Thanks for bonus and as usual, quick shipping!
Mel F, Franklin TN ( a repeat customer)
Dec 9, 05
Thanks so much for your quick shipping of the  Great Jo Malone . !
Susan M  Wildwood, NJ
Dec 13,
Your site is a MARVEL I Love to shop HERE !...Just got my AWAKE & Thanks for Bonus Ojon!
Cathy C, Beverly HILLS ,CA
Dec 21
Thanks SO much for shipping my Ojon Discovery kit SO fast I really appreciate your shipping to England !
Nikki .C, Dorset, U.K.
Jan 5/06
Just received my order of Ojon and can't wait to try it.  I was very happy with my purchase.  I received an email letting me know it was being
shipped.  I will definitely buy from this site again!!!
Tammy , Springfield NE
Jan 7
Thank you, I recieved it on Thursday 1/5
Lorraine, Anaheim,CA
Jan 8
Just got my Ojon. I love the extras you sent. I always come back on this site!
Mel, Franklin,TN
Jan 9
I LOVE your site ! it is so nice to look at & USER-FRIENDLY...I appreciate that ! You have beautiful stuff! Thanks for quick shipping my
Natura Bisse & thanks for bonus Ojon! I will be back!
Chris J, Texas
Thanks for quick-shipping the Amore Pacific. Amazing stuff!
Marla H, NJ 07670                                     
Jan 12
Thank you, shipped quickly & appreciate the bonus! will use your site again !
Janet , IL 60143
Great Natura Bisse prices & selection...Love my Dermafill !and thanks for bonuses.nice touch.
Ann.F, NJ 08551    
Jan 20
Loved the prompt service & product. Many thanks !
Alana S. IN 46237
Jan 23  
Great Service & super fast shipping. I was so impressed, I have gone back and bought again and highly recommend anyone to buy.Thank
Olga G. Austin TX
Jan 28
Thanks for your prompt responses and good customer service.
Danielle C , IL  60478
Feb 3
Appreciate your keeping me informed from a-Z + fast shipment/receipt.I AM impressed by your overall site & service.
Thanks, I will shop again on Good deal Beauty !
Natalie  B  Arlington, TX
I'm a repeat customer who appreciates the good service. Last time u sent Ojon Samples which is what I bought this time! GREAT stuff !
Thanks for all !
Sara M, Wwildwood , NJ
Feb 6,
Always great service. Ojon arrived very fast. Super nice seller, I always come back to this site for more!
Mel .F Franklin TN
Feb 7
Wonderful Sisley ! Thanks for Ojon goodies !
Carla.F Santa Monica, 90403
Feb 9,
Thanks so much !
Nicole R, MD 20744
Feb 10,
Thanks for being so professional, and on top of things, and keeping me abreast of the situation!Much appreciated
Simone K, FL 33407
Feb 13
Thank you for your updates. Very good business !
C.A. , San Diego,CA 92130
Feb 15
Thank you so very much.  I will definitely order from you again.
Lynn. C, Canton,OH 44709
Feb 17
just received my Ojon; I am excited! I have tried just about every hair product on the market and Ojon is the best.I have curly hair and have
always fought with frizz; what a difference withOjon.!Thanks for the bonus items.
Maria S. ,CA 95948
Feb 23,
I received my package this morning and was pleased that i didn't have to pay any additional charges for customs and that the goods were
dispatched very promptly (even though you had a holiday in the States on Monday!)Thanks for the prompt response to my order, I will
certainly use you again!!!
Karen B, U.K.,
Feb 27,
received ojon products very quickly. i've used them for four days now and have noticed that i am losing less hair when combing. can't
wait to see if there's more improvement.!
Lucille J, TX
March 7,
Thanks for the samples.  I had never tried Ojon products before and I enjoyed the perfume samples. It has been nice to be able to try the La
mer products before investing 100's of dollars in them.
Lela M., CA 92223
Mar 15,
Cool thank you, I love bonus items !
Shelley M.,CA, 90807
Mar 19,
thank you for the e-mail,very good service you provide,I am so looking forward to using the Ojon products,they have such a good reputation,
also your prices are lower than their own website!
Louisa, Croydon, U.K.
Mar 27
Quick shipping! LOve that Ojon! Thanks for freebies!
Jeannie. P, Roseville, CA 95747
March 28
The parcel arrived today.  Thank you for the samples especially the la mer body lotion, I use the face cream so look forward to trying this.
Everything in the Ojon  range is absolutely fantastic, I won't use anything else now.  Your prices are even better than buying them directly
here in the UK and there are only 2 places in the whole Country to get them from!
Karen.B, Bucks, U.K.
March 30/06
Boy that was fast!  Received your pckg today and thanks for the pen and shampoo sample.  My daughter has long hair that she washes
every day so it's a little wild.  I'm hoping I can get her to try the shampoo.  You never stop being a Mom even when your baby is 35!.
Elizabeth.W.,Ashland,VA 23005
Apr 7
Thanks for the  prompt shipping,I appreciate it. I will keep coming back for more !
Karen.B. U.K.( a repeat customer)
Apr 14,
I recently purchased a bottle of Estee Lauder nail polish and you sent me a complimentary pkg of shampoo.I saved the shampoo sample to
give to my daughter and she loved it!Please email me with the name of this product so I may order it for mydaughter.Thanks,
Elizabeth, Ashland , VA 23005
(GDB I emailed back : Ojon and  she  DID order a whole lot of Ojon   ! )
Apr 18,
I received my La Mer today.  I loved the hair samples also. Boy, that was fast.!  It is very difficult to apply. Is there a trick that I don't know?
Gail.H. Mattawan NJ
GDB reply : you just need a very small quantity, which you should warm up between your palms first for about 30 seconds rubbing palms
together & then apply on face. Don't use too much , that jar should last you close to one month with daily application.
April 26,
Today I received my package from you, and am very happy with my purchases. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to try some nice
fragrances that I was curious about. Also thanks for the hair care samples. Ojon is a good name, so I will enjoy using those. Thanks for
everything, Helene! I will check back again at your site to  see if you've added some new make-up or fragrances.Sincerely,  a new customer,
Ann, Rhode Island
April 29,
I  received my Tova Nirvana perfume order along with the lipgloss today- they're great, thank you so much !
Victoria,London, U.K.
May 5
Thanks for a friendly and fast service and also thanks for the freebies. I will certainly be using your site again.
Thanks again from the UK
Nancy, C,London,U.K.
May 16
I was so impressed by the shampoo that i am getting one set for my daughter and one for me !Thank You !
Nancy C,London, U.K.
( a repeat customer)
May 18
We know the product is good. ( Ojon) .Your customer service is fantastic and we will be doing business with you again. Thanks
B.T. , Prescott, AZ 86301
May 22
Thank you so much for your informational reply.  I am so grateful for all the wonderful instruction and suggestions! Thank you again for taking
the time to give me personal assistance!  I really do appreciate it!Thank You so much - for all the tips and the nice additions to my order...
they all arrived today!  I am very excited to try everything out - I am certain I will order again and so we shall be in touch... thank you again!!!  
Pamela M, St Clair, MI
May 27
Thanks once more for a prompt and polite service Helene.The Ojon products are fantastic.No doubt you will hear from us again soon.
Nancy , London, UK
June 9,
Thanks for the excellent products and service you have given us.
Nancy, U.K.  {a repeat buyer}
Received my products! Thanks for the samples too...will indulge myself today!I just want to say I love the natura bisse products I purchased
from you. Thank you for the samples of the ojon and the natura bisse sample of the Essential Shock Complex .Will be back in future. Have a
Great Day!
Shelley C, FL 33778
Jun 23
LOVE the La Prairie ! & thanks for all the nice bonuses !
Gina G. Los Angeles, CA
June 28
Thank you so much ! I loved the ojon shampoo & conditioner samples .Thanks again...and till next time!Have a Blessed Day,
Shelley C. FL
July 3
My order came through Saturday morning, just a couple of days since I placed the order on the web - fantastic service again.  I was really
excited to receive my parcel.  Thanks for the free samples again, though I've yet to try them.  Cant wait to try the new products and will let you
know what I think. Kind Regards
Karen B, U.K.
July 4
Thanks so much & God bless
Sue D. NJ 07734
July 17,
I've purchased the natura bisse, and love everything. Plus love doing business with someone so honest, she really does her best to help, and
get the product you need.Be back in future!!!!!
Shelley, FL ( a repeat customer)
July 31
Received my items this morning . I would just like to say thank you very much for a wonderful service. I cannot fault your service in anyway
Miriam H,  Wales U.K.
Aug 2
i so enjoy my clarins total body lift! in stores this product sells for ten dollars more plus our hefty CA sales tax.  &  my order came top-speed--
it arrived well before  orders i placed during the week before ordering from gooddealbeauty! and i really appreciate the ojon samples. what a
wonderful, luxuriant hair experience. it's amazing to discover such a power-packed product full of nature's goodness in concentrated form. all
in all, it's a delightful experience ordering from caring, prompt, discounted!
Ciara C, Beverly Hills, CA
Aug 18
thanks Helene arrived today, in usual speedy mode !
Nancy D.,  U.K.
Aug 24
You are totally GREAT!! I have shared your website with a few of my office co-workers and I am sure they will be testing out the products as
well. !
Mia .S.M , City of Industry, CA
Aug 28,
My order was processed and shipped immediately, and received very well-packaged, and very quickly!  This was truly a *good deal*, and I
would definitely purchase from you again.  Thanks!
Janice G. FL 32738
You are totally GREAT!! I have shared your website with a few of my office co-workers and I am sure they will be testing out the products as
Melody, CA  
Sept 5
i can't say enough wonderful things about gooddealbeauty! your speed shipment with extraordinary package management, generous
samples-- & above all, super-low cost high-end products can't be beat. and what an astounding variety of desirable products you have at
hand-- easy to shop for,and all sales tax free!
--CC in Beverly Hills
Sept 6
Just to let you know that I received my order; thank you so much, everything is great, as usual !
Victoria A, London, U.K.
Oct 2
Ordered Friday evening, rec'd Monday! Super fast shipping,
awesome products...very courteous and fast responses to emails. Highly recommend!!
Becky , Lexington KY
Sept 17
Amazing Fekkai hair really works. Thanks for quick shipping !
Nina S. Troy, AL
Wow FAST shipping! Will buy from again! Thanks for getting them to me so fast!
Linda L.,WA
Oct 20
I absolutely love the molton brown rose handwash! it smells amazing! thank you so much for including a sample..
Liz ,NY
Nov 8
I look forward to trying the Ojon, I've heard good things about it and I was browsing your other products and I am sure I will become a regular
customer. You have a nice layout and arrangement for your website.    Thanks again and take care,
Nov 12,
Thanks. I have saved you site to my favorites and so appreciate your time and patience  
Marti , Ohio
Nov 18
Got it late this afternoon. Thanks again.
Cilla  FL
Nov 20,
Thanks a lot for the gift(sample) my package last friday. Hope to purchase at your store again.Thanks again
.Jan.K. Malaysia
Nov 28
Lovely Chantecaille giftset, allows me to try their products! Also nice bonus, thanks.
Kim C., IOLA, KS
What a great selection of fun make-up & well described. Thaks for the great gifts also.Will be back for more!
Julia.B. Cape May, NJ
Sept 28,
Awsome site, have been looking for Ambre Narguile from a reasonable price. Thanks so much for this opportunity and also for
nice bonus...will be back!
Tara .J Raleigh, NC
Dec 6,
Quick shipping, much appreciated. also nice to try new stuff via freebies..
Nancy M, PA19335
Dec 15
Thanks so much for the quick shipping & well packaged items. Bonus was also a nice touch. I will be bacK !
Mrs. Lola M. WI
Dec 29,
It shipped fast and in excellent shape. Would buy from seller again
Amanda M,Idaho
Jan 5,2007
Authentic products just as described.  Packaged securely with  great care.  Super-fast shipping.  Thank you very much.
Fay J
Atlanta GA
Dec 21
Thanks so much for gret packing, quick shipping & nice gift items. I will be back !
Shirley B,L.A.,CA
Jan 7,07
Thankyou - I received it on Saturday -
Linda, Myrtle Beach, SC
Jan 10
deep discounts...high-end products...speed sales tax...way 2 go!
~solarstar, beverly hills, ca
Jan 9
Quick shipping & great prices ! Thanks for nice bonuses & HAPPY NEW YEAR !
Laura D, Missisauga, Ont
Jan 11
I hope you had a good Christmas, and may I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!
Got the Ojon ,thank you!!
Pat B, U.K.
Jan 11
Thanks Helene!  I received this yesterday with the extra bonus gift from you.  Have started using it for the liplines and it
is an awesome product.  Also enjoying what I ordered.  I will be ordering from you again and again.
Dee H.
San Antonio, TX
Jan 14
Thanks, received my goodies, love everything.
Josie B
Nottingham, U.K.
Jan 17,
Thanks very much for the Jo Malone Orange Blossom cologne.  Received in excellent condition - smells delightful and
thanks for the little extras !
Lauren P, VA
Jan 29,
I love this product.( OJON)  And shipping is very prompt.I will continue to buy from this store.
Tina M, IL 60060
Feb 1
Thanks a lot , I recommend you to lots of friends and one placed an order last week too.
Julie M .
Yorkshire, U.K.
Feb 9/07
I am so pleased I found this site, Helene always sends great goodies, and the products are fantastic and affordable for
me to try out.
Josie B. England ( a repeat buyer)
I am SO grateful for your site & all the little Xtras. Can't say enough good things to my friends about Gooddealbeauty!
Victoria.A, London, U.K.
Thanks for speedy shipping...Nice & just as described.
Susan C., FL
Great Chantecaille items.Very glad I found your site! Will come back soon.
Marty B, OK
Feb 26
Thank you much, I love your site...
Christine K,OR
March 4,
Thank you much, I rec'd my items, and l love them, and so does my teenage daughter!, we will be checking back often
for more things to try....
Christine, Eugene OR
Official PayPal Seal
March 12,
I received my package in double quick time - thanks!  Love the products and am very impressed with the samples and
Daimond Lift product. . Thanks!
Lynn C, MN
March 16,
Thank you very much, Helene, for your speedy service, your refund, and your sanely-priced products !
Priscilla C. VA 22307
Just got it - thank you so much! I am very excited about my little bonus!
That Sue Devitt color is impossible to find anywhere!!
Michelle V , NY
April 16,2007
LOVE the Ojon products , at discounted prices, can't ask for more, but I did get more! LOL, Thanks for all !
Sue H, Wayne, NJ
April 4WOW ! Quick shipping, great packaging and thanks for all the wonderful extras, much appreciated! I will be
Laura C. Los Reyes, CA
Apr 9
Good Products + quick shipping AND great prices!
Jean L.G , St.Francisville, LA
Apr 19
Am recommending your site to ALL my friends!
Karen B.
May 2
Wow, great customer service!!  Thanks again.  I will recommend your  site to many others :)
Jennifer S
Apr 19
Thank you so very much .It has been a pleasure doing business with you,  you have acted very professional.
Sue L.
Apr 27
Quick shipping & great product ! Nice touch those "bonus" items !. will be back!
Cynthia B
Panama, FL
May 19
Received my order very quickly, thanks so much for the xtras!
Abby S.
FL 32082
May 30
Love the CLINICA. great deal! Will be back for more.
Polly B
CA 94707
Received promptly my Natura Bisse. what a great product! Also thanks for the gift.
Lynda C
June 22
received purchase - no problems. Thanks for the treats. Have ordered from you before and will definitely come back.
Patricia B
July 15
Great deal & quickly received. Thanks for the bonus items. I will be back!
Marla C
Miami, FL
July 27
I just LOVE your site, what a treasure-tove! and such great prices ! This was my first, but definitely not my last
Jeanne B
Lafayette LA
July 31
As described & quick shipping. Will be back!
Karen B
Portland, OR
Aug 8
I have been meaning to comment on the Ojon restorative hair treatment.  I have just ordered more products because
my hair is 100% more healthy so I figured the only way to improve yet more is to try the shampoo and conditioner as
well as some travel packs.  I don't want to let a week go by when I am not using same.
Carol M
Brisbane, Australia
Very nice seller with good prices, rapid shipping- the best! Thanks so much.!
Pat H.
Beautifully wrapped, nice products & great prices + extra gifts. What more could anyone ak for? Thanks
Sheelah K
Portland, OR
Aug 28
I've have puchased everything from skincare, make-up to  haircare from this website. ALL packages are delivered in a
few days (and  I'm on the West Coast), and the products them selves are exactly as  described.  I cannot get enough
of this website!  From a loyal customer!
Jennifer R.
Granada Hills, CA
Aug 31
WONDERFUL !...Thanks for the freebies to try also .
Helen K
Wawa, Ont,Canada
Sept 4
Thanks Helene, sorry I am late leaving this.  Item great and  thanks for my freebie.
Sept 13
EXCELLENT SERVICE! Fast shipping with great free samples. Products most definitely as represented. I have great
confidence in this  seller and would certainly purchase from her again. Many thanks!
Lucinda L
KY 40372
Sept 28
QUICKLY shipped & received. Thanks !
Lisa M
Redmond WA
Oct 5
Great prices for great products! The Best ! Thanks for xtras!
Melinda G
Fairbanks AK
Oct 31
Shipped quickly, just what I ordered - wonderful!
Denise C
Oct 18
Thanks for ALL///great gifts !
Mary M
Westmount, Canada
Thanks for the freebies & quick shipping
Myrna S.
Columbus, OH
Nov 28
Lovely to deal with! Just great....all as described & nice bonus items ! Will be back .
Helen T.
Palm Beach FL
Dec 3
Great service, incl quick shipping & good prices.
Mary Jo P.
Nashville , TN
Dec 14
Loved everything!
Tina M
New York, NY
Dec 24
The shipping was extremely fast and the product is  wonderful.  I would do business with you again without hesitation!
Ruthellyn W,
Chino, CA
Dec 29,
Always fast service and low prices.  Will keep coming back.
Christine S,
Victor, NY
Jan 7
Lovely wrapping, great prices & nice Xtras ! Thanks
Jocelyne B, Montreal QC
Jan 20
Very nice & speedy service. I'll tell my friends!
Susan V.
Dallas, TX
Feb 15
Thanks so much. Great stuff!
Laura H.
Pasadena, CA
Feb 29
Fabulous communication & customer service! Item shipped  super fast and included a cute bonus gift!  Highly
Diane H
Manalapan, NJ  
March 2
Very grateful for quick shipping & items just as described. Also Thanks for xtra goodies!
Mary M. B.
El Paso, TX
March 5,
I received my order.  The samples are delightful!!  Thank you so much for the bonus Molton Brown hand wash - I love it!!
Gloria  L.
New Canaan, CT
March 11,
Excellent online shopping experience! Good communication,  fast delivery. Thanks for the bonus item!
B. Tsui
Hong Kong
March 22
Thanks so much! . Quick Shipping. I'll be back!
Jenna M
Oakland, CA
April  3
Holly S,
Lincoln, ME
April 16
Not only was the order filled and delivered in a timely  manner, but the products were packaged perfectly with a few delightful
samples enclosed. Thanks so much for the free gifts. I enjoy it and will consider to go  back next time.
Jennifer N
Woodbury, MN
April 25
My english is not very good so let me just say that it is  always a pleasure to do business with you. Great service. Fast
delivery. And super bonuses.Thank you again
Jose F
Westmount, Québec
May 13
I LOVE this web site! It,s just what I,ve been looking for !
Stephanie M
Maple Grove, KY.
Jun 3
Elena B
Venezia, Italy
July 14
Thanks so much for the quick shipment and the 'extra'
surprise.  I would certainly do business with you again.
Marina J
Scarsdale NY
July 30
Thank you so much! My package arrived today...quickly and as
advertised. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!
Melissa C
Jun 24
Wonderful ! Really nice items & great gifts
Linda M
Bowling Green,KY
Aug 4
Received my goods today .Thank you for the bonus items and
Thank you for your prompt delivery !
Debbie J
Aug 27
Thank you Helene, for both contacting me so promptly., and for the great products.
I am positive I will be back for more!.
Marcia R
Los Angeles, CA
Sep 9
Great service & products !
Speedy delivery & nice bonus items!
I will shop here all the time from now on !
Francine C
Antioch ,CA
Sept 18
i'm very happy. I already got all the products yesterday and also some nice samples from you.
Thank you very much for the excellent service,
Lillie T.
Oct 1
GREAT SELLER, Perfect workmanshp &  just as described, VERY nice!!!!
Virginia W,
Fort Myers, FL
Oct 2
Great item, very fast shipping.  Thanks!
Laura B
Oct 15
Easy to shop & great service !
Katherine B
Anaheim, CA
Oct 27
Great products and such fast shipping to the UK!! Thank you
also for the little extras. Fantastic customer service from a lovely
seller. Will definitely order again. Thank you!
Christine B
London, U.K.
Nov 3
What a great Website! Loved all the stuff I bought from you. Great Prices. Will tell
my friends !
Laura B
Ness City,KS
Nov 15
Great shopping experience! Good products,  fast delivery. Thanks for the bonus item!
Jenni K
New York, NY
Jan 2/09
Thanks so much, great , quick service. Very Pleased, will be back!
Mary G ,Killeen,TX 76549
Jan 5
Wow, Quick shipping . Thanks for extras!
Linda S, NJ 07092
Jan 16
My order arrived with no problems!
Zoila H.,Hyattsville MD
Jan 22
Just a note to let you know my items arrived today. Am very pleased with them and thanks for the "extras"!!! Am sure I will be a return
Rebecca C, Lexington KY
Pls. Scroll down for 2005-2008 comments.
Jan 30
Great service, Well packed & quick to ship.Thanks 4 extras!
Jennie C., Oklahoma city, OK
Feb 9
Fresh products, good prices, promptly received PLUS freeebies ! Can't ask for more!
Marianne T, Renton WA
Feb 23
WOW ! Much Quicker shipping than if I'd gone to Ojon's website AND cheaper too ! I will come back for more!
Diane J., Woodbury, MN
March 12
Lovely  ! thanks so much!
Shelley B., New York, NY
Mar 22
Everything arrived perfectly & fast. !
Ling P. ,Singapore
March 31
Great products at great prices! Thanks for xtras!
Rhonda S.,Las Vegas, NV
April 5
Brilliant service, great prices and loved the freebies.
Emma H
Melbourne ,AUSTRALIA
Apr 17,
Always a pleasure ! I LOVE shopping here! and the little surprise gifts too!
Marcy K, Ny, NY
( a repeat buyer)
May 4
received the items in today's mail. very prompt delivery and items received in good condition! thanks!
Ling L.P.
Singapore ( a repeat buyer)
May 12
I really think you guys have good customer service, I  placed an order and got it in about 4 days I am really excited with this site.  Thank you
so much.
Loreena P, Palmdale, CA
May 28
Quick shipping. Great product!
Rene K, Buffalo, MN
June 7
Robyn A, Reading, PA
Jun 14,
Thanks for the items!  Just as described :)
Kim G, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
June 25
I love your site. I would buy stuff every day i'f my husband would let me...Thanks !
Chrissie K., Eugene,OR
June 28
Thank you so much for listing this item for me-you rock!
Jenni S. Algonquin , IL
July 1
Thanks very much ! Very quick shipping and had been looking for product.
Renee A.,Columbia, SC
I received my Sisley bag and I LOVE IT! Thank you for the super duper fast shipping and bonus item, you rock! But above all else, thank you
for having this item and listing it for me, been looking all over! I will be back OFTEN. Cheers! =)
Jennifer S., Algonquin, IL
July 20,
This is the BEST beauty site ever! Great products, great value and pricing, owner is a doll, super duper fast shipping, highly professional and
makes beauty shopping online such a great experience and joy. Thank you sooooooo much. Cheers to my fave beauty site and seller.
Jennifer from Chicago
Aug 11,
beautiful items,fast shipment, a pleasure to deal with you,many thanks !
Martine P
Aug 7
thank you for your prompt response. the doll is exquisite! sincerely,
Rhona G., Mooresville, NC
Aug 13
Prompt delivery, products as described, extra bonus items a nice perk!  Will order again in future.
Pat W. , Safety Harbor, FL
Aug 17
Prompt delivery, product as described, extra samples are nice perks!
Patti W, ( a repeat buyer)
Received my order yesterday. Appreciate the quick turn around on your orders !
Patti M. , Corvallis, OR
Oct 5
Just as described & quick shipping.Thanks!
Marie L, Atlanta,GA
Oct 20
Thanks so much for having such a diverse & discouted site. You rock!
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Oct 30
Terrific Website with great deals & FAST shipping ! Can't ask for more!
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Nov 2
Great Selection/choices! My items arrived promptly, exactly as described with nice extras!
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Nov 7
Thanks for everything. Wonderful to deal with . I will be back for more!
Mysty A., Lake Buff IL
Nov 15
SO grateful to have found this website!
Jennifer K. Phoenix AZ
Nov 19
It's true...I thought the feedback comments were b/s, but it's all true! Great merchandise, Fantastic discounts & lots of freebies with my
purchase. Can't say enough ! Will return for more !
Tracy D. Harrignton DE
Nov 24
Thanks for the eye mask too. Thank you for the great service on this purchase!
Alice V., Pacific Palisades,CA
Dec 1
SOOO Glad I foud your site! All my favorites, at affordable prices!
Catherine M, Rohnert Park, CA
Dec 3
Quick Shipping! LOVED everything, even the pen!
Norma D, WA
Dec 11,
Just what I hoped! Will shop again--thank you very much!
G.M. Greer, SC
Dec 13
Thank you for very quick and friendly service - and great prices!
Elena K, San Diego, CA
Dec 23
Thanks so much for rushing out my order, got it on time for Christmas!
You rock!
Marlene K, Greenwood, SC
Jan 07,2010
SO Happy to have found your site! Great service & prices!
Larraine M, El Paso TX
Jan 16/10
Thanks for quick service !
Jean H, Roanoke VA
Jan 22/10
Excellent!   fast and easy to work with, made my transaction a breeze.  Will shop here again.  Highly recommend. And thanks for the bonus,
Holly B, York, PA
Jan 27,
just to let you know I received my package today -- THANK  YOU for the lovely samples you included, can't wait to give everything a try!
Carolyn W,
Burnaby, BC Canada
Feb 15,
I absolutely could not believe how quickly I received my package.  Everything was exactly as it was explained on the website.
Thank you very much!
Jill M. Fayetteville, GA
Feb 18,'10
excellent communication and items arrived quickly and in pristine condition I will definitely shop again here.
Shaneta B,Dothan AL
March 9,
Thanks very much, great products and a surprise bonus item!
Lisa F,Toronto, Canada
March 13,
I have ordered several times from Good Deal Beauty and have loved everything I have received.  Great prices, Great service neat gifts and
the samples are nice too!
Michele W.,Rihmond VA
March 19,
great items, 5 star to you seller, will be back again, + fast shipping  !
Chris C.,El Cajon, CA
Apr 2
Quick shipping ! Thanks for the freebies too!
Colleen P, IL 60527
Apr 17
Thanks so much for the quick service . Exactly as illustrated.
Denise C.,Denver, CO,
Apr 24
Great service, great product, arrived very quickly and cheaper than buying in Canada! Thanks from happy customer
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Victoria,BC, Canada
May 6,
Thank you so much! I love it! Fast shipping!
Carol C,  Hilton, NY
May 17,
Thanks very much! Excellent service and products.
Irina U,
Barnet, Hertfordshire,U.K.
May 21
I received your la prairie frangrance and my wife is very happy (it was for her birthday).Thanks a lot for this transaction. I think I'll return to
visit your site for frangance.
Olivier N. Merignac, FRANCE
May 24
Received my Bvlgari masque precieux today I thank you for all your samples & your fast service. Will be back!
Shirley L,  Queensland, Australia
May 25
I love this website.  They are quick and very responsive.  I wouldn't deal with anyone else.
Victoria H, Chicago, IL
June 1
I received everything right before the holiday weekend and love it! Thank you so much for including the samples and I will be back again - I'm
Kristin G, San Francisco, CA
June 4
Thank you for the goods and surprise too! I've received it today (so fast for our post). I'll tell my friends about your shop.
Olga L, Moscow, Russia
June 7,
I cannot even express how much of a pleasure it is doing business with you. Thank you for all the goodies!!
Justin D,
TN 37686
Jun 9
Quality products, quality service, and quick shipment. Thanks for the extra goodies, you included, it was a pleasant surprise. I will forward
your store info to friends.
Mary M, Jennings, OH
Jun 27
Terrific website! I am SO glad to be able to buy/try La Mer at an affordable price! THANKS SO Much!
Susan C, Sandy Springs,GA
GDB replies: Glad most people DO appreciate it! Welcome back anytime!
July 11
I just got my order today and am very disappointed in the amount of product that I received. The lip infustion products look like sample sizes,.
and the Lotsa Lip actually IS a sample.
Francine S. Wilmington DE
GDB reply.: The nature of our website is clearly stated, we SELL GWP sizes, Large samples, as well as Full sizes. ALL are clearly indicated.
July 12
Thank you for the perfume it came real quick .i got a sample as a gift  & it's valentino E d P and it's gorgeous . i can't find it anywhere in the
uk for sale and it's not on your website either do you not stock it? i love it. Thanks for all !
Barbara D, Swindon, U.K.
Reply from GDB : I can place a special order for you & still offer you a Good discount off the retail price. Just let me know!
July 24
Great service and products!
Irna U. Barnet, U.K. (
( a repeat customer)
Aug 11
THANK YOU very much for the splendid & friendly customer service. Got my hands on a few products I've been searching for quite long, very
pleased with them! Superfast intl. shipping, samples as a bonus added to the package.. just perfect! All the best! :)
Sylvie L. Netherlands
Aug 29
Thank you so much for my order.  It was exactly as described and you added a few extra goodies.
Aaron M, Phoenix,AZ
Aug 31,
COOL website, Great Prices!
Martha H.,Barnett. U.K.
Sept 10,
Boy am I ever gonna bookmark THIS website ! Terrific deals!
Marlene M
Westchester, NY
Sept 17
Thanks so much! all was as described Plus nice bonus items. Wonderful deals!
Helen L,
Waterbury, Ct
Sept 28
I love your user-friendly website. Also I really appreciate buying my favorite products in small , ample sizes, as i just can't afford the full sizes.
Thanks SO much Helene & keep up the good work & the low prices !
Lizzie N. Greenville,SC
Oct 13
Extremely happy to have found this website.Thanks a lot Helen for being so nice and for answering to all of my question. I will definitely buy
from you again and will also recomend ur products to all of my friends. Thank you a lot,
Andreea C, Romania
Nov 4
Very quick shipping & great deals, thanks so much..I will be back!
Liane L, Chicago,IL
Nov 22,
thank you so much I love the products once again, and the Hermes shopping bag was lovely, thanks a lot for your help and kindness!
Sincerely - Zara N,
Los Angeles, CA
Jan 19
Very much appreciate the description , sizes, etc. Thanks also for little extras.Very professional packing.
Mary M
Jan 14
Mindy R,
Dallas, TX
Accidentally came across your website. Best thing that ever happened to me!
Thanks so much for all. Keep up the good work/prices.
Laura, D
Shokan, NY
Dec 8
Well described. great bonus items! Thanks for all.
Kathy M,
Richmond VA
Dec 27
Really apreciate a website like yours, which caters to my needs ( great quality, low price!)
Sandra K
Quick response & great prices! Also thanks for extras !
Janet S
Feb 9
Great stuff!
Marcia R,
Feb 18
Helen is the nicest person, she always answers my questions and my item came soon with great samples thanks.
Lorena P.
March 4th,
I am very grateful to you. All the best! :)
Julia G,
Samarra, Russia
April 20
Amazing service with excellent prices.  I highly recommend GOOD DEAL BEAUTY to anyone seeking wonderful items.  You can expect to pay
an arm and a leg anywhere else...Shipping was perfect.
John T, Burlington,NJ
April 10
I appreciated the personal email to thank us for the purchase. However, in all honesty, I thought your shipping cost really was excessive for
such light products.... But your products are competitively priced :)
Laurent E , Houston TX
Reply: Shipping is by amount purchased ( as is customary) and items shipped priority .(USPS) In this  case, S&H was $ 6.95 :very fair.
April 30
VERY happy to have found this website.Thanks  for really fast shipping. I will definitely buy from you again and will also recommend your
website  to all of my friends. All the best!
Doris L, Chicago, IL
May 2,
Prompt delivery. I received what was described.
Theodora H,  Hillsborough,CA
May 18
Thank you kindly again - Great Seller!!
Stephanie N, Houston,TX
June 29
Hi Helene,
I just received my merchandise:) ..Thank you for the speedy delivery.  Also thanks for the samples.
Araceli P, Laredo,TX
July 7
Thanks so much for the fast service. Enjoy the summer
John M,  Warren, MA
July 10
Great products, great prices, great communication.
Joshua R
Santa Monica,CA
August 2,
Really glad to have "discoverd" this site ! Love pricey products but can't afford full sizes! Thanks SO MUCH!
Beth H, Brooklyn, NY
August 14
Great website ! good prices & products. Also thanks for extras! will be back.
Sallie H, Richmond,VA
Aug 20
So thrilled by your website ! Love everything ! Thanks.
Melissa T, Saint Louis, MO
Sept 1
Quick turnaround time & great prices,as usual ! Also thanks for extras !
Janet S, Sacramento, CA ( a repeat buyer)
Sept 9
I was very impressed with your quick response & shipping times. Also good prices & nice little extras. Thank you very much, i will be back!
Jennie L,
Baton Rouge, LA
Sept 16
Great products & prices, Will shop again on Gooddealbeauty!
Laura M, Los Angeles,CA
Sept 28
I was surprised by the quick response & shipping time. Also appreciated authenticity of products.
Janet H,
Oklahoma city, OK
Oct 17
I have choosen your company to buy from again and again. You guys have great deals, you ship fast, and there is always goodies in with my
purchase ;) Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly!
Trish V, Alberta,Canada
Oct 30
Speedy shipping/receipt. As described. Thanks
Rebecca G,
Garden Grove, CA
Nov 14
Thanks for extras and for quick shipping. I will be back!
Brenda S.
Nov 30
I received the Calvin Klein Euphoria Deodorant today and cannot believe how quickly it got here!!  It is exactly as described and can't wait to
start using it.  Fantastic service!! Thanks :)
Amy C, Dumbarton, U.K.
Dec 12
Great prices, authentic products & quick shipping. What more could anyone ask for? I'm telling my friends of your great website!
Helen D.
Dec 20
Considering time of year, your shipping time is EXCELLENT! thanks so much!
Doreen A.
Jan 2
Thanks so much for always delivering so quickly:)
Araceli P. Laredo,TX
( a repeat buyer)
Jan 4
Thank you.Love your service!!!
Kathi W,
Jan 12
I just received my package, and I wanted to say thanks. I love the perfume and thanks for the samples too. Much appreciated,
Warm regards
Stephanie B.
Lancashire, U.K.
Jan 14
Received my item today, along with the free samples. Thank you so much for the prompt, reliable service.
Linda M
Jan 19
Great service. Thanks
Pauline A.
Jan 30
Delighted with all ! Thanks so much. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, I feel!
Judith M.
Waterbury, CT
Feb 8
SUPER fast shipping with wonderful surprise bonus!! i will be spreading the word to my friends and ordering again soon with you company
Lisa P
Garland, TX
Feb 25
Thanks for the swiftness shipping my package. All as described. Also thanks for Bonus items. You're the best!
Lara C.
New York, NY
March 9
Communication with the seller was quick and courteous and shipping was super fast. Will buy from again.
Jennifer P.
March 18
LOVE this site..I keep coming back for more!
Ellie F.
April 7
Thanks for quick receipt & for bonus
Angela S
Amazed at how quickly i received my order. Thanks so much!
Laura P
New South Wales, Australia
April 19
Parcel   arrived today, thank you for the bonus products .
Benecia B,
Apr 27
Thank so much for speedy shipping & bonus!
Ilona B,
May 2
I think it's terrific that you sell trial sizes as well as full sizes!. I live in a small town & can't readily try La Prairie or Sisley, or other High end, yet
there's no way I'd pay for full sizes without trying first! Your website rocks!
Reggie G,
May 7
Love your giftsets ! Makes a great gift for both my mother & mother in-law ! Brilliant ! and also thanks for the freebies...Good value!
Maria M
May 16
I have purchased from you 3 times in the past 3 months ( mostly La Mer) and really appreciate your good descriptions, including the sizes in
both ml & oz. I also like the quick shipping time & appreciate your "bonus" items. I will be back !
Ruby W.
May 23
So Glad I "discovered" your site. I love BVLGARI & their products are now so difficult to find!Thanks for being there !
Jane D
June 10
Thank you for a great service, really quick delivery and lovely free samples.Will definitely buy from you again.
Agnes P
Co. Kildare, Ireland
Jun 16
Hi, I'm a repeat buyer and i
really appreciate your NEW Free shipping, although I realize the freebies are less value now. But I will be back!
( again & again!)
Marcia G
New York, NY
Jun 27
Pleasantly surprised with the free shipping !
Julie G.D.
July 3
I am impressed by the quality of your products and such great deals!
Carole B
Lancaster, NH
July 20
Thanks so much for having such a great website, with excellent products & service as well as quick shipping!
Abigail G.
Glenns Falls, NY
July 25
Just received your package,Thanks again.
Caroline C
Terrebonne, Qc,Canada
Aug 20
Love the free shipping & appreciate the little goodies with my order. I love the GWP sizes, it is just a fabulous website!
Mimi L
Los Angeles,CA
Sept 1
Thanks SO much for the quick turnaround time! Got my order 2 days after I paid, WOW !
Rita G
Sept 18,
Good Deal Beauty was exactly what I was looking for! It is wonderful to try before you buy and you  make that happen. Helen is very attentive
to her customers and that is a nice change of pace from the standard these days! I will continue to purchase items from Good Deal Beauty.
Thanks for your website and what you offer!
Amy B,
Sept 28
I'm really impressed by your service - packaging was great and I got my order fast.  And I enjoyed the little gifts you included.  Will shop with
you again.
Linda M,
Beaverton, OR
Oct 12
Brilliant site ! Love the smaller sizes! Appreciate the free shipping. Thanks! I'll be back.
Stephanie Z
New Haven,CT
Nov 3
Thanks for speedy shipment of my La Mer !
Teresa R
Great products, amazing value and quick delivery - all with very friendly service!!! Helene could not have been more helpful - nothing was too
much trouble, and I'm sure I'll be back! Thanks so much.
Ruth S,
St. Helens, UK.
Apr 4
just a note to let you know I have received the Hermes Tonka, in the box with the ribbon and the gift bag. Thank you so much & for your kind
Joy-Ann F, Barbados
March 12
Thanks so much for this site ! One of the very few where I can purchase trial sizes. Much appreciated the free shipping also.
Marie S.
Jan 22
As described & really fast  + free shipping. GREAT!
Laurie G, La Fayette, LA
April 22,
Just want to say thank- you , received my package today!! Extremely fast shipping !!!! In  love with the products  and special  thank-you to
you Helene for the personalized email and the extra bonus gifts!!! Please look for additional orders from me :  ) Great service is always
rewarded  with additional business !!! Thanks again -
Rene  W
May 2,
Love my lipstick, the quick response and the price!
Michele G,
Windsor Locks,CT
July 5
Thank you so very much for the great deal on this bag and the lightning quick shipping. You should have an eBay store--I would've given you
five stars across the board! Hope to do business in the future :)
Brittany C.
Reply: We got off ebay years ago so we could offer better prices ( the comissions were ridiculous)
I have recieved my Clinique Medical SPF 38 yesterday and am very happy with it. It is truly a great product. I have heard this week that the
Clinique Medical brand is discontinued. Is this true?
Marie-Claude R,
Quebec, Canada
Reply: Yes we have heard the same & will continue to sell it, until our inventory runs out!
May 3
Super fast shipping! I love this cleanser and stopped using it, since it was discontinued. So happy to find it here. A bit over priced, since it
should be $28, but I love it that much to pay a bit more. Also received a bonus item and free shipping.
Carrie K, Oxnard,CA
Reply: Glad you found us ! The whole kit retailed for $ 285. at the time & the cleanser was $ 40 sold individually.
Aug 20
I am so happy to have discovered your site! You have many discontinued products I was looking for. Thanks for the fast shipping also!
Brenda R.
Oct 12,2014
I am grateful for the Clinique Medical. I love the cleanser & it has become impossible to find.
Marcie G
New York, NY
Jan 11,2015
The order came fast. I like the perfume. Thank you very much!
Yelena R,
Dec 19,2015 I received the Hermes perfume that I ordered along with its beautiful cloth bag. I couldn't be more satisfied. Randi M Lexington,KY
Jun 10,2016
Just wanted to let you know that I received the perfume.  Thank you for the prompt delivery and for the extra fun gifts, too.
Randi M,
July 7,2016
Disappointed by the size of the tube I received. It looked bigger in the picture.
Shirley  W. Lodi,CA
Reply: We are sorry  for the misconception, the tube size is always expressed in both mls & oz in order to avoid confusion.
Received my shipment quickly and got a few  samples which was a such a fun and thoughtful surprise. I loved all of them and will be ordering
from the site again soon. Amazing customer service, thanks Helene!
Cristal S.
Northfield IL